Friday, December 26, 2008

The greatest thing in traveling alone
that you will enjoy watching the road without any interruption from the one who sits beside you

and the awful thing at it all, that at the end of the trip you will have to carry your bag by your own-self


I hate the ORGANIC CHEMISTRY I just wish i pass it this year
coz i don't wanna it in my life anymore


why should we start anything while we know they all going to end?!


I'm dreaming of the second semester from now..

I just hope this dream completes and doesn't convert to an Nightmare
-as everything else-

Monday, December 8, 2008

at opposite..

I hate when u act like this!

I hate when u make me think,
It'd be more better if i didn't tell u about it all!

I hate when u just leave coz u have nothing 2 say
-though i'm still talking-
and actually i keep talking.. then after while i find out, i was just talking 2 my-self 4 minutes ago!

I hate ur reaction, coz i think i have been put in similar situation
and i didn't have a similar reaction of urs
or even a nearly one!

I hate it coz i think it's bcz u don't trust me enough -like i do-
and that's why we have different reactions here!

I hate when u make me feel this worse
while u r the one whom supposed to make me feel better
when it all goes wrong around!

I hate when i feel we r at an opposite sides when we r supposed to be at the same one!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


As they didn't talk 4 two weaks,

He begane 2 miss her..

Though she doesn't say much during their call

He talks and talks and talks..

and she always listens and replies with few words,

most of them r "Mmmm.s"

Though it was annoying him that she doesn't say much,

but it was enough 4 him..

just 2 hear her voice

and as they didn't talk for two weaks,

he begane to miss her..


He called her many times,

but she didn't answer..

and when she calld him back,

he could't answer

they kept like that for two days..

and it's at the weekend's night when he called her again

there, she answered after some rings with a sleepy voice..

he knows when she's sleeping, she's not sharp minded

and mostly she can't differentiate who's talkin' to her!

He talked 2 her alittle (as she's a sleep),
and she only replies with "Mmmm"

(as her usual when she is a wake)

He was almost ending the call when he said

I love U

instead of saying

see U

He knows that next morning when she wakes up,

she won't remember any thing about that call..

except maybe that someone has called her when she was sleeping

or may she'll believe it was just a dream!

He told her that he loves her and she (as her usual) replies only with "Mmmm"

and (as his usual),

it was Enough for him.

The end

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Although She still living with her parents..

Has sisters and brothers..

More than one anteem,
and bunch of whom She can call good friends..

Although it's supposed She's found her soulmate..

Although all of that..

When She cries,
She always cries alone..


Thursday, September 11, 2008


Bad mood


every one I need to talk 2 right now

seems 2 not be here


Nothin' 2 say


Sometimes I just think

if I wasn't me,

how'd it be there?

I find no answer


sure it'd be more better




talking 2 an old frnd is like
trying 2 remember the details about
someone u havn't seen 4 a long time
(don't mean the frnd here I'm talkin' about Me)


I was feel bad enough

I wasn't in need 2 feel that worse


waitin' 4 somethin' I dunno


Ya rab

Sunday, August 31, 2008

HaPpY rAmAdAn

Monday, August 25, 2008


I wish if i can let every thing Here
and just be There

Monday, August 18, 2008

Here is it :)

It's 4:00 am
she sits trying 2 write something about him especially about him,
as she promised 2 do

why it's so hard 2 find somethin' 2 say!
though she has written before about many people
She has written about almost everybody at her life

why when it comes about him
she just quotes somethin' from someone else

why she feels as an idiot!

- May be bcz I always heared that,
ppl write about persons they wanna to bury
and I don't wanna to bury him
I wanna him still at my life

- No, that's not reason
u have wrote about many people and didn't mean there to bury them

- May be bcz he's Mine
I don't wanna other ppl 2 c him
I wanna it still that mystery
Everyone asks, but no one gets an answer

- Mmmm
u r somewhat close

- Maybe bcz every time I hold my pen to write somethin' about him
I c him smiling at me
that smile which takes my breathes away
so that I can't write anything

- Mmmmm
That seems Nice :)

and here it has been so long time since she sits to write those words
something 4 him, especially 4 him
as he asked
and as she promised to do
and after that long time
she found she didn't write a BIG DEAL
though, she tried
and she know it'd be enough 4 him when he reads it
coz he knows what she has inside 4 him
and only 4 him

he knows
and that was enough 4 her

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I hate when....

Back 2 Home :)
and here an old post
I can't remember the definit date 4 it
and though I don't feel that all hatred anymore
it still works
I hate when U do that
I hate it more than U can ever imagin!
when U just give me orders - bcz of ur position- ,
and I have Nothing 2 do except 2 obey
- bcz of my position - !
I hate when U lie 2 ME
U just do
and I do know that U do
Maybe that's why I stopped askin' U about anything
just to keep U away from doin' that!
I hate when U act like this!
especially that I don't do anything annoying U
I hate when I think that,
it would be more better if U weren't here!
I hate that I don't know anything about U
I don't even try 2 know..
Never thought it'll be like this
we r completely strangers now
I don't know U and definitely U don't know ME
I hate when I feel like crying and
- as some self-punishment -
I dont cry.
I hate when I think that after publishing this post
some people will come 2 ask ME
"who did u mean there??!"

so plz don't!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


To be right back :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

"- Look, he came back, didn't he?

Begging, crawling on his knees, vomiting...

-I don't care!

I'm sorry, I'm not that easy..

I don't forgive

and I definitely do not forget"
from alfie movie

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I know that it's the beautiest thing at it all
and so that, i'll simply ruin it 4 u

Friday, June 27, 2008

need to write something,

what is it, or 4 whom it will be?
I dunno


as i backed 2 home i had to tidy my things,

i had to found many useless things (sure once they have a use, but now they don't)

and as every time i do this thing

i can't throw anything away!

why i dunno know..

i hate the idea of throwing the thing away cause they became useless

cause u don't need it any more u simply throw it away!

with no guilt feeling..

things with memories

not matter good or bad one..

i can't throw anything away

Oh God if only i can do it!


People whom have a good memory don't have a happy life in order

somethings -unwanted things actually- always remain

which they don't want!

as i'm one of those people

sometimes i wish i don't have it

be able to 4get any thing quickly as the other people do

dates, birthdays, Numbers, voices, words..

ur head full of useless things

birthdays u don't say "Happy Birthday" on the!

dates u don't celebrate of!

numbers u don't call!

so, why u have 2 remember them all?!


sometimes i think.

which better?
to go to the same faculty with ur 7 childhood' friends

and finish the first year with big hatred 4 them

or to go to a different faculty of thems

and finish ur 1st year with the same feeling u always had 2 them?

i think the second is better :)


i wish i can change..

2 better or to worse

doesn't matter..

any thing else except this offside area

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thursday, June 5, 2008

it's really hurts me..

It has been so hard 4 me when it's about death cases..

finding no words 2 say, is the most thing annoying me..

(as i am a real talkative one! )

so, why at this cases i can't say a word!

Instead of making the other one holds and be stronger,
I became weak..

Instead of asking them to not cry,
I got weeping..

I can't deal with goodbye when it's only a temporary farewell..
so, i can't even imagine what if it is a permanent one!

and so, my only wish became..
just to be the 1st one who go there of all the people i do love..

cause simply,
I can't -till now- acclimate with the fact of "Farewell" ..

the idea of losing someone 4ever!

Not only u won't see them, or u won't have them at ur life..


They, won't be even exist in this world anymore..

Not wiz u, not wiz anyone else..

The idea of staying when the others are leaving,

is really hurts me!

so hard to get, so hard 2 believe, and so hard 2 live with..

Friday, May 30, 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Can it be ?!!

Do we have 2 live every moment of our lifes?!
can't we just pass some whiles away!
i know it seems so strange so i'll give u an example..
what if u have today some thing (event, situation, whatever) something u really want to not attend!
(not talk here about not having it, only not attending)
let's say it's from 5 pm to 7 pm
can't u at 4.599 pm pass by some way?
(even by just closing ur eyes!)
and the next time u open ur eyes it be 7.01 pm!
u just escaped this time (5:7 pm)

and u will got the same result ( the event/situation will happened only u won't attend the happening of it)
can't we just wen we don't wanna 2 attend 2morrow..
sleep at ! night, to wake up at the day after 2morrow??!
does it possible??!
can it ever happen??!
cause i really NEED it..

Sunday, May 11, 2008


My last drawing on teh last lecture of dr. ahmed's lectures (organic dr) lol

Friday, May 9, 2008

it wasn't mine..

me, how r u?

a frnd, still alive..

me, "still alive" nice, it reminds me wiz someone :)

a frnd, who?

me, someone whome i don't talk to anymore :)

a frnd, and why do u lose anyone 4 any reason??

me, it wasn't my choice there..

a frnd, may be..

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I miss u..

Today at the dinner
i found no one to peel the shrimp 4 me
Today at the dinner, i missed u mum
i really do now..

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

U were always a special frnd 4 me,
and u'll always be..

I really miss our old days, i won't 4get them never,
it seems there's nothing can last 4ever..

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Friday, March 7, 2008

saying goodbye...

Saying good bye 2 someone u really love,

as u don't care..

while u r wearing ur sun glasses in order to not show ur real feelings..

as u didn't spend all the last day crying,

coz they're going to leave the next morning..

just to say this silly word and go away,

knowing that,

the next time u'll get back to home,
u'll not find them there..

is the most thing i hate ever!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


when i read ur words, i felt like crying

actually i cryed when i got back to home

i duno why i did such act!

maybe it's bcz u feel so bad..

maybe it's bcz i don't know what's goin' on..

maybe it's bcz i can do nothing 4 u..

maybe bcz it's the first time i saw u in such mood and i don't have the right to do anything 4 u

sure u had a similar mood before, but i didn't know there

and that's what hurt

the different between the one who knows and the one who doesn't

that, the one whom does will suffer 4 ever

it's so hard when u so the one whom used to be ur anteem sufferning and u have nothing to do!

u can't even say "hey, r u ok?"

simply coz u r not sure that if u did,
u would get some answer!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Birthday..

I duno why most of my best frnds choosed jan. to be born at it..
or, why i choosed most of my best frnds whom born at jan..

whatever :)

I couldn't say Happy Birthday 2 two of them..

One, bcz he was out the country and i didn't got his No. there
so i couldn't say it on time!

and the other One,
I got his No. but simply, i can't say it :)

so bad feeling, when ur mobile rings alarming u that it's *****'s Birthday
and u can't say Happy Birthday to them!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm sorry 4 that..

Though i'm a good listener

I always had Nothing to say!