Thursday, April 26, 2007

I can't..

- He: la2 mainfa3sh....................................
3shan al sagaier..

-Me: enta lsa mabataltesh bardo :/?

-He: msh 3aref

-Me: msh 3aref tbattal??

-He: ah, 3shan kda maba7ebesh a3mel ay haga..
3shan maba3rafsh abatalha ba3d kda..

-Me: just smiled,
and remembered how he can't stop loving her till now :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

delayed post..

you said:
one day you'll understand,
and you'll thank me

though i couldn't understand till now
but all what i can say
Thank you

you asked me once
to not hate u

i swear i didn't
i just stopped loving u


i looked @ my mobile

u were calling

Maybe if i tryed, i'ld answer

but i didn't!

i didn't try 2 answer!

i didn't call u back!

i didn't even try to send u a message!


i once thought we could be frnds again

i was completely wrong

i thought we can undo the last line in our drawing (our relationship)

but it wasn't true

coz as long as i have the drawing

i'll dwar that line again and again :)

u know what was the problrm at all??

that nothing have been changed to talk together again :)

it might worked if ur feelings were changed

coz then when i'll tell u that

"I Miss U"

u won't answer

"I Miss U 2" !


u have the same opinion (Mayeb the right one)

and I have the same feelings (also u do)

so what the point in waste our times in such a game!


when i published the post "The perfect painting"

i have recieved that coment

"fighting 4 something u like alot but u know inside u it will never be urs"

i have been shocked when i saw those words

she is right!

I'm fighting 4 something I know inside ME it will never be Mine!

i just hurt My-self more and more!


when i called u on 5/2 i thought there that there won't be another call!

many people said the same thing

though they were another ones not just one

though they were longer than the first

it still tha same!

Nothing has been change!


recentely u told me kidding that i have a black heart

taht i was blaming u 4 something

Maybe i had not

but now i think i have :)

i told u that i have been changed but u didn't believe

i told u once that i can't sign with "Ur Angel"

coz i'm not an angel anymore to be yours

but u answered there that i'm an angel an i'll always be

i just not yours

i hope u believed me now :)

i'm sure u did!


I saw u online many times

i didn't talk to U

and so u didn't :)

i always used to start talking and u only reply :)

so when i didn't start talking u didn't find anything 2 reply on and kept silence!

we stay online 4 hours with no one word!


last days u sent me many msgs

i wondered why u do!

one of them was saying something like

if there were anybody beside me?

and if there were i'ld beat him

coz u r mad with him

how he sees me and u don't

i'ld reply with those words

"coz it was ur choice"

then i prefered to keep silent :)


I'm still on my word

I won't forget U

I won't forget that U once were the most important thing in my life

I won't forget the times we shared together

the happy times and the sad ones

I won't forget ur number (who knows maybe i do one day)

i won't forget ur voice (as I think)

I won't forget that U once were my best close friend i have ever had :)

taht u entered my life in a dark time and brighted it

(No matter if u left it more dark that first)

But that's thing really I'll never forget


U know what
U entered my life in April
and now i'm getting u out of it
on another April
what a fate!


I just wanna to thank U alot
Thank U 4 every little thing U have done 4 me oneday
Thank U all the things I have learned from U
Thank U 4 being once in My Life
and Thank U 4 being out it now