Sunday, July 18, 2010

That's it.. That simple!

I never think about the consequences
I don't!
that simple..
That's me, or actually that's
who i became.

That's y i think,
if u got very sick or had a severe pain
-that u can't bear-
u should take alot of medicines/analgesics
till u feel better/the pain stops

No matter the over dose' toxicity
No matter the side effects
No matter what will happen on the long run..

for God sake who cares about that pullshit
when he can't take his breath?!!!

and when u have insomnia..
when u spend all the day and all the night on ur bed
without any sleep..
even after taking everyones' advice
starting from drinking cup of milk,
ending with sleeping on ur back
staring on the ceiling!

There i think u should take some hypnotic.
ignoring all the good people says..
that u will not have any normal sleep latter
because what's the hell the point of
thinkin' about the future normal sleepin'
while u can't -normally- close ur eyes
for just now?!

and because the hypnotics are always in the table,
-i really dunno y-
it's okay with the anti-histaminic drugs for this purpose

They are cheep and available
and doesn't affect the CNS
only the kidney and the liver
which seems not significant that much
that's y they were kept away from the table!

and so when u want to die
u shouldn't think about the consequences..
u shouldn't have to think about anyone else..

Not about ur family..
Not about ur friends..
Not about Him...

That's it..
we should n't think about the consequences..
because the worst, biggest, most significant One,
will be fine, tiny, and insignificant at all
if it's compared with what u r feeling there..

That simple!