Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Tuesday-positive effect

It's when I'm having one of those exams which i know it won't freely pass

I don't sleep, would u do if you were me?!

my stomach-ache, its own way to tell me she's really upset

my heart beats so fast, that's what happen when u over-take of caffeine

my respiration is stimulated so far i can't take my breath!

and all what i think about,

Tomorrow is a Tuesday..

It won't be fair if i got my first "F" on Tuesday

it'd be okay if it was a wednes-one

(Thanks God am not having exams on Wednesdays)

I know how tough tomorrow will be, but still -secretly- wish for

better results, for another things to happen..

I tell my friend about my thoughts, She thanks God no one else is listening

otherwise they will think I'm a crazy person

Tomorrow comes..

things go in a further better way than what was supposed to be..

written exam freely pass, also the oral one

won't be my "A" subject, but though getting "B" still a huge progress

It was was 2:45 pm when i talked to "Nader" to book me a bus ticket

and he told me either i catch the 3:00 pm bus

or I'll have to wait for the 4:00 pm one

It took another 5 minutes to find a taxi, so it seemed i won't make it

But here when things go right

I arrive the station on time, the bus hasn't come yet

I got a double sit so I guarantee sitting beside the window

(which really means a lot for me)

The bus comes and everything is just happening exactly the way i hoped for

Here's the time I realize that all my wishes for the day have been come true

you may call this a good luck

you may call this an answered prayer

But that's what I'm calling,

The Tuesday-positive effect :D