Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hating my-self is my favorite hobby..

Hating my-self is my favorite hobby.
It's the only thing i'm -really- good at
It doesn't need big effort from anyone 2 make me be..

It's just the tinniest things at all which make me do
The tinniest things r always the main reason
That's y i shouldn't think that much abt them
I may also should care less abt details
Damn details!

They r always the reason
Because both, if i don't take them that serious,
I won't care abt everything and everybody
and there -definitely- Hating my-self won't b my favorite hobby..

for God sake who wants it 2 b!

Hating my-self is my favorite hobby
It's the only thing I'm -really- good at
and it doesn't need big effort to b

But when I am,
There's nothing 2 do to make me feel better abt this!

U can only help by doing another tinny thing to make me,
Typically Hating My-self-