Sunday, August 31, 2008

HaPpY rAmAdAn

Monday, August 25, 2008


I wish if i can let every thing Here
and just be There

Monday, August 18, 2008

Here is it :)

It's 4:00 am
she sits trying 2 write something about him especially about him,
as she promised 2 do

why it's so hard 2 find somethin' 2 say!
though she has written before about many people
She has written about almost everybody at her life

why when it comes about him
she just quotes somethin' from someone else

why she feels as an idiot!

- May be bcz I always heared that,
ppl write about persons they wanna to bury
and I don't wanna to bury him
I wanna him still at my life

- No, that's not reason
u have wrote about many people and didn't mean there to bury them

- May be bcz he's Mine
I don't wanna other ppl 2 c him
I wanna it still that mystery
Everyone asks, but no one gets an answer

- Mmmm
u r somewhat close

- Maybe bcz every time I hold my pen to write somethin' about him
I c him smiling at me
that smile which takes my breathes away
so that I can't write anything

- Mmmmm
That seems Nice :)

and here it has been so long time since she sits to write those words
something 4 him, especially 4 him
as he asked
and as she promised to do
and after that long time
she found she didn't write a BIG DEAL
though, she tried
and she know it'd be enough 4 him when he reads it
coz he knows what she has inside 4 him
and only 4 him

he knows
and that was enough 4 her

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I hate when....

Back 2 Home :)
and here an old post
I can't remember the definit date 4 it
and though I don't feel that all hatred anymore
it still works
I hate when U do that
I hate it more than U can ever imagin!
when U just give me orders - bcz of ur position- ,
and I have Nothing 2 do except 2 obey
- bcz of my position - !
I hate when U lie 2 ME
U just do
and I do know that U do
Maybe that's why I stopped askin' U about anything
just to keep U away from doin' that!
I hate when U act like this!
especially that I don't do anything annoying U
I hate when I think that,
it would be more better if U weren't here!
I hate that I don't know anything about U
I don't even try 2 know..
Never thought it'll be like this
we r completely strangers now
I don't know U and definitely U don't know ME
I hate when I feel like crying and
- as some self-punishment -
I dont cry.
I hate when I think that after publishing this post
some people will come 2 ask ME
"who did u mean there??!"

so plz don't!