Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rabbit Hole Movie

Jason: "If space is infinite,
then there are tons of you’s out there,
and tons of me’s."

Becca: "And so this is just the sad version of us…
but there are other versions where everything goes our way…
and those versions exist.
They’re not hypothetical; they’re actual, real people."

Jason: "Assuming you believe in science."

Becca: "I like that thought.
That somewhere out there I’m having a good time."

The parallel universes thing..

Have u ever heard about the parallel universes thing?

That there're many copies of us

out there.. at some where..

living a parallel lives of ours!

I haven't read about the whole thing

but yet i like the idea..

Because it could explain many things to me

like the picture i -always- have in my mind

for me.. happily, getting out from the window

which i know it didn't/won't happen in this universe..

It may also explain the events

which seems too real to be happening at somewhere else..

for me and you..

I do like and most likely to believe in it

though i haven't read about the whole thing yet

and though i know u won't have the same beliefs of mine

even if u read about the whole -parallel universes- thing.

Inspired from Rabbit Hole movie

Saturday, June 18, 2011

رجال من المريخ ونساء من الزهرة

أنا عارفة إن ملكش ذنب

وانك معملتليش حاجة

بس أنا كنت محتجالك

وإنت سبتني ورحت نمت!

أنا دلوقتي هعيط شوية وهنام

وهصحى بكرة الاقي كل حاجة

زي ماهي..

بحطة ايدي!

يمكن لو كنت إستنيت شوية

ومسبتنيش ورحت نمت

كان بقى في أي أمل

إن بكرة يبقى أحسن من النهاردة

ومكنتش هروح أنام دلوقتي

و انا عارفة اني هصحى على بكرة

زي امبارح و أوله.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Noha again and again..

when i saw u today

i just looked at the opposite side

Because i was really feelin' so bad

and i couldn't see u smiling at the world just like that!

when i saw u today

i was on my way to the station to spend the next hour

-alone- waiting for the bus,

and i think u know when u spend the time alone w8ing

for something to happen

or someone to come

it seems like it'll never happen/come..

when i saw u today

i was having a Typical Wednesday

and u know how much i do hate wednesdays..

It's just i didn't know that seeing u

could make up my day and my mood like this!

Getting a bus ticket 1 hour before my actual one

Sitting at my Dream sit beside the driver

Receiving this msg from Malak my friend,

tellin' me that everything will be okay about the oral exam..


when i saw u 2day

i just looked at the opposite side..

but i promise i'll never turn my face away from you again

No matter what..

because now i know,

that only seeing u,

is able to literally made my day

*Noha, is the One at the picure :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Because you loved me..

لما اتقابلنا أول مرة جبتلي بوكيه ورد بلاستيك

من اللي العرايس بيمسكوه ف ايدهم ده

و قولتلي أنا عارف انك مبتحبيش الورد البلاستيك

بس الراجل مكنش عنده ورد طبيعي!

انك تبقى عارف الحاجة اللي بحبها وتحاول تعملها على اد ماتقدر

بس عشان ترضيني

ده -بالنسبالي- كان سبب اكبر بكتير من كافي عشان أحبك

أنا اللي متعودة من الناس يبقوا عارفين كل الحاجات إلي بتضايقني

و بكل بساطة -ونمطية- يعملوها!

عشان كدا مش بزعل نهائي لما بتجبلي وردة بلاستيك بدل الطبيعي

عشان ملقتش

أو لما بتغنيلي أول كوبليه من أغنية وتسكت

عشان مش فاكر بقيتها

أو لما بتحكيلي حدوتة مكونة من سطرين

عشان مبتعرفش تحكي حواديت

بالعكس ببقى مبسوطة جداً

وبتأكد ساعتها إني كان عندي حق لما حبيتك

العنوان: اغنية لسيلين ديون

الصورة: لمحمد وهو بيديني الوردة البلاستيك