Thursday, November 27, 2008


As they didn't talk 4 two weaks,

He begane 2 miss her..

Though she doesn't say much during their call

He talks and talks and talks..

and she always listens and replies with few words,

most of them r "Mmmm.s"

Though it was annoying him that she doesn't say much,

but it was enough 4 him..

just 2 hear her voice

and as they didn't talk for two weaks,

he begane to miss her..


He called her many times,

but she didn't answer..

and when she calld him back,

he could't answer

they kept like that for two days..

and it's at the weekend's night when he called her again

there, she answered after some rings with a sleepy voice..

he knows when she's sleeping, she's not sharp minded

and mostly she can't differentiate who's talkin' to her!

He talked 2 her alittle (as she's a sleep),
and she only replies with "Mmmm"

(as her usual when she is a wake)

He was almost ending the call when he said

I love U

instead of saying

see U

He knows that next morning when she wakes up,

she won't remember any thing about that call..

except maybe that someone has called her when she was sleeping

or may she'll believe it was just a dream!

He told her that he loves her and she (as her usual) replies only with "Mmmm"

and (as his usual),

it was Enough for him.

The end