Saturday, March 7, 2009

a MSG has ben received.

a MSG has been received.
The sender is your friend,
-one of whom u used 2 call a close one-

asks about u..
says that she misses u..
tells u to say "Hi" to your other friends
-the ones whom used 2 be your other closed friends-

when u read the MSG u feel like crying..

Not because u really miss her,
or because u remember the old days,
when u used to see each other every day..
and u weren't in need of sending MSGs there
-although they're a good reasons to do-

but u do -feel like crying-
cause she thinks that,
because u r at the same university
with your other friends
-your both closed ones-
you see them a lot ,
and can tell them that she says "Hi"

u remember when u did the same thing..
when u asked one of your friends
- one of whom used to be a close one-
to say "Hi" for your other friends
-your both closed ones-
as u thought they see each other a lot
because they are at the same faculty!

Then u realize that..

when u r alone,
u think all the other ones are together