Thursday, June 4, 2009

can't it be?

u r the one who always talk
the one who always complain
who always tell me about those stuff annoying u
who always say that u have no friends -though I'm here-
and that u r alone
who always off the mood

and when i do...

u don't listen when i do
so, why should i talk?

and if i didn't
if i didn't tell u that i was feelin' bad
-though i know i did-
can't u just feel it?

can't u know that I'm feelin' bad without i tell u?
just from my voice?
can't u know?
-as i always do-
just for changing sake!

can't it once be about me,
that I'm the one who feelin' bad?

always, when i call u -because i don't feel good-
first i ask u about ur-self

u tell me that u r not OK
i don't tell u how i am!

and today..
today, i was feelin' bad
i thought it was obviously
but as u haven't noticed i told u
but u didn't listen
u always don't listen to me when i'm talkin'

I know one day i was ur clz frnd
and I know this person has been gone
and sure u r missing me/him
but i can't do any better
that's all i can do
that's all what i really do have!

I'm sorry i've disappointed u today
i haven't been so much caring
i haven't been your close understandable friend
but i've been NOT for along time
-in case u haven't noticed-
and sure i am not now

sorry again..
i know i made u feel worse
but i was already feelin' bad..

can't it once be about me?
just 4 CHANGING sake!