Thursday, June 4, 2009

can't it be?

u r the one who always talk
the one who always complain
who always tell me about those stuff annoying u
who always say that u have no friends -though I'm here-
and that u r alone
who always off the mood

and when i do...

u don't listen when i do
so, why should i talk?

and if i didn't
if i didn't tell u that i was feelin' bad
-though i know i did-
can't u just feel it?

can't u know that I'm feelin' bad without i tell u?
just from my voice?
can't u know?
-as i always do-
just for changing sake!

can't it once be about me,
that I'm the one who feelin' bad?

always, when i call u -because i don't feel good-
first i ask u about ur-self

u tell me that u r not OK
i don't tell u how i am!

and today..
today, i was feelin' bad
i thought it was obviously
but as u haven't noticed i told u
but u didn't listen
u always don't listen to me when i'm talkin'

I know one day i was ur clz frnd
and I know this person has been gone
and sure u r missing me/him
but i can't do any better
that's all i can do
that's all what i really do have!

I'm sorry i've disappointed u today
i haven't been so much caring
i haven't been your close understandable friend
but i've been NOT for along time
-in case u haven't noticed-
and sure i am not now

sorry again..
i know i made u feel worse
but i was already feelin' bad..

can't it once be about me?
just 4 CHANGING sake!


تــسنيـم said...

wen the ppl make u their shoulder and always depended on u and ur presence and care and listening to them.. u can't ask them to deal wiz u as a human not as ANGEL have no problem or can have a bad mood..

so don blame him to deal wiz u as super human,, always can listen and solve and console becoz he can't realize that u can pain like him or complain :)


Unique said...

It's very painful to care about those who don't care about us

I liked the way you expressed these feelings

because I do care I wish you rephrase these sentences

"I thought it was obviously"
it must be "obvious" for the sake of grammar

"I haven't been your close understandable friend"
If I get it right I guess you mean that you haven't been the person who understand him/her
though you may replace the word understandable by the word understanding
as the word understandable means the thing that can be understood not the one who understands


Anonymous said...

can't it once be about me?
just 4 CHANGING sake!

i think they take alot of time 2 reach to this line :(

Shymaa El-seoudi

Anonymous said...


ادم المصري said...

ooh u dont say sorry again
u r wellcome

i am pleased to find u again
with my best weshs

adm !!

moony said...

of course that was me talking not you!!I know exactly what u r talking about and how bad, deep and painful these feelings are.
My heart -with great understanding- pats your heart.And of course it should be you now that being cared after,for YOUR OWN SAKE coz u deserve, sweety.and you should seek this reaction from ur friend's behalf even by making a significant STOP.If ever u felt that you wanna talk about it "I'll be here for you."My best wishes for the giving faithful friend who needs to give as needs to be given.Take care of your self.

chello said...

well this is exactly how i am feeling .. :)