Wednesday, February 20, 2008


when i read ur words, i felt like crying

actually i cryed when i got back to home

i duno why i did such act!

maybe it's bcz u feel so bad..

maybe it's bcz i don't know what's goin' on..

maybe it's bcz i can do nothing 4 u..

maybe bcz it's the first time i saw u in such mood and i don't have the right to do anything 4 u

sure u had a similar mood before, but i didn't know there

and that's what hurt

the different between the one who knows and the one who doesn't

that, the one whom does will suffer 4 ever

it's so hard when u so the one whom used to be ur anteem sufferning and u have nothing to do!

u can't even say "hey, r u ok?"

simply coz u r not sure that if u did,
u would get some answer!