Thursday, December 24, 2009


Miracle, is what I was w8in' 4 there
as u've told me that u r not comin'
I couldn't stop my-self frm thinking
how will it be i be if U came,

though I know ur convincing obvious reasons
-which prevent U from coming

Miracle is what prevented me
from accepting the taxis invitation,

tellin' them that I'm waitin' 4 sm1..
It's what made me searching
4 Ur face @ everyone else' faces..

Miracle is what made me standing there 4 a while
w8in' 4 Ur coming

wishing that U've only been late..

Miracle is when U show up
interrupting one of these previous scenes,

opposing all the convincing obvious reasons
-which supposed to prevent u from coming-

carry my luggage, and pick me home..

Miracle is something which never happens in reality

because we are at the No miracles' time.

So, I hang my things by my own self..
stop the 1st taxi passes..
and "Move On".