Saturday, April 30, 2011

One day I'll fly away...

I follow the night

Can't stand the light

I have this picture in my mind

for me..

Happily, getting out from the window

What more could your love do for me

When will love be through with me

It have been there so long

and every day it become clearer

everyday more details are added

It's just there in a very strange way

which makes me sometimes think,

That some one has infected my mind!

That someone has incepted this thing into my head..

That falling is my cure..

and everything else doesn't matter

and everything latter will be better

Why live life from dream to dream

And dread the day when dreaming ends

Maybe because in City Of Angels,

Seth hasn't died when he fall

and may be because the same fall in Inception

means that u'll wake up from the dream

u don't wanna to be at anymore

and turn back to ur life

or maybe because flying away

is my all life dream,

and this could be the only way

i'll ever have it true.

One day I'll fly away

Leave all this to yesterday