Saturday, June 30, 2007

Back to life...

I finished my exams :)
I thought that day'll never come :)
or if it comes it won't find me :D

at the begining i wanna to thank some people

Thanks 4 every one prayed 4 me

Thanks 4 ahmad-mobarmeg and ahmed fouad al-din and proid 4 making the banners 4 me

Thanks for every one put the banner in his/her blog

especially the ones who don't know me and put it :)

it really pleased me to see my banner in ur blogs

I believe taht ur supplication had helped me alot :)


It was so hard dayes

I didn't sleep before any exam :)
I used to sleep after coming-back from the school
(the bats' way, the day is the night and the night is the day :))

I remember when we (me and my anteem somaya)
said several times taht, we'll change that way
"when the schools comes we'll sleep at the night and wake at the day"

I remember when we went to school without sleeping @ the first day :)
coz our sleep time (6 o'clock) was the time we should to go to wear our clothes :)

I remember also the week before our exams
when we were on the phone saying:
"sure this system can't be in the exams
at th begining of this week we'll sleep @ 12:00 am and wake @ 8:00 am to get used to the exams time"

and sure we didn't :D

and sure we went the first day without sleeping as we always do :D

I remember that we said in the first week of our exams taht we r waiting 4 the chemistry day to orgnize our day :)

and I remember that we went to the chemistry exam without sleeping :D

after that we stopped talking about that deal :)

and when anyone says "U didn't sleep! howcome!"

we answered: "that's our system from the begining of the year
we couldn't change it before,
and we can't change it now :)"


I cryed in some exams

some before, and some during
I didn't cry after :)
(exept 4 another reasons but not 4 the exam its-self :))


I got ill at the middle of the third week of the exams
i tryed to resist 4 three days
but at the forth one I forgot to take the medicine before going to school
so i got high temperature at the car

and all my bones was hurting me

i couldn't move my head

and i was having mecanic exam :)

it was one of the worst days of my life

i had poultices in the class and many medicines
after that i was 39 degree :)

i got better at the end of the exam
but after going home I got ill again :(
I couldn't wake that day and the next one
i was extremely sick :(

it's along years since i got ill by that way

Thanks God i got better now :)

almost that's the head lines of my -finished- exams


till now i can't acclimate with the new situation

(that, there's no study anymore)
i can't sleep :(
i can't enjoy my time :(
till now i can't feel that i have ended my suffering :(


i got one of the worst news i have ever had

yoseeny (my turtle) has died :(
i didn't know there :(
i couldn't get the chance to cry and get sad..
I can't even talk about that matter now...


my anteem (somaya) traveled to turkey today

she'll spend there 9 days :s

I went to her house to day to say goodbye

(i hate saying goodbye btw)
I cryed though i thought i won't :(

she sent me SMS when she arrived to turkey :))))
and called me minutes ago :)))

((I begane to Miss her))


Thanks 4 being beside me through this all (f)


I thought that we'll back again after our exams

now I begane doubt taht we won't :(

(hope to be wrong)


I was intending to watch all the new movies that i missed watching them through this year

I sat infront of the PC and opened the movies partition

and found my-self watching "phone booth"
the movie which i saw many times :D
leaving all the new ones :))


I begane reading "Harry potter (5)"

((Harry potter and the order of the phoenix))

it seems i can't live without reading :))


btw, i read many posts 4 the people whome i used to read their works
maybe i didn't left comments there
but make sure that i did :)


I'll Miss my school..

My frnds..

I'll Miss all the teachers and all what we used to do with them :))

I'll Miss to sheat at the absence :)
i'm saving my own copy of it -the absence- till now :)

I'll Miss our school roof :)
and the time we spent there during our years at the school
it's my only school
I spent there 12 years :)
((the old of my frindship with salma :)))

I'll Miss our unique uniform -the gray one-
which made the people thougth we r at the preparatory stage lol


I know this post is so long and not well-arranged as my last ones
but i had many things to say and i didn't know how to say it all through one post :)

Thanks 4 U all again



I was about to forget!

4 all the people who r putting my banner -I mean my pic- in their blog

plz remove it :)
I think next days I'll find some people chating with it looool

really, it was a great idea from ahmed :)

but i think it's enough :)

it's also completely against my mysterious character ;)