Saturday, June 30, 2007

Back to life...

I finished my exams :)
I thought that day'll never come :)
or if it comes it won't find me :D

at the begining i wanna to thank some people

Thanks 4 every one prayed 4 me

Thanks 4 ahmad-mobarmeg and ahmed fouad al-din and proid 4 making the banners 4 me

Thanks for every one put the banner in his/her blog

especially the ones who don't know me and put it :)

it really pleased me to see my banner in ur blogs

I believe taht ur supplication had helped me alot :)


It was so hard dayes

I didn't sleep before any exam :)
I used to sleep after coming-back from the school
(the bats' way, the day is the night and the night is the day :))

I remember when we (me and my anteem somaya)
said several times taht, we'll change that way
"when the schools comes we'll sleep at the night and wake at the day"

I remember when we went to school without sleeping @ the first day :)
coz our sleep time (6 o'clock) was the time we should to go to wear our clothes :)

I remember also the week before our exams
when we were on the phone saying:
"sure this system can't be in the exams
at th begining of this week we'll sleep @ 12:00 am and wake @ 8:00 am to get used to the exams time"

and sure we didn't :D

and sure we went the first day without sleeping as we always do :D

I remember that we said in the first week of our exams taht we r waiting 4 the chemistry day to orgnize our day :)

and I remember that we went to the chemistry exam without sleeping :D

after that we stopped talking about that deal :)

and when anyone says "U didn't sleep! howcome!"

we answered: "that's our system from the begining of the year
we couldn't change it before,
and we can't change it now :)"


I cryed in some exams

some before, and some during
I didn't cry after :)
(exept 4 another reasons but not 4 the exam its-self :))


I got ill at the middle of the third week of the exams
i tryed to resist 4 three days
but at the forth one I forgot to take the medicine before going to school
so i got high temperature at the car

and all my bones was hurting me

i couldn't move my head

and i was having mecanic exam :)

it was one of the worst days of my life

i had poultices in the class and many medicines
after that i was 39 degree :)

i got better at the end of the exam
but after going home I got ill again :(
I couldn't wake that day and the next one
i was extremely sick :(

it's along years since i got ill by that way

Thanks God i got better now :)

almost that's the head lines of my -finished- exams


till now i can't acclimate with the new situation

(that, there's no study anymore)
i can't sleep :(
i can't enjoy my time :(
till now i can't feel that i have ended my suffering :(


i got one of the worst news i have ever had

yoseeny (my turtle) has died :(
i didn't know there :(
i couldn't get the chance to cry and get sad..
I can't even talk about that matter now...


my anteem (somaya) traveled to turkey today

she'll spend there 9 days :s

I went to her house to day to say goodbye

(i hate saying goodbye btw)
I cryed though i thought i won't :(

she sent me SMS when she arrived to turkey :))))
and called me minutes ago :)))

((I begane to Miss her))


Thanks 4 being beside me through this all (f)


I thought that we'll back again after our exams

now I begane doubt taht we won't :(

(hope to be wrong)


I was intending to watch all the new movies that i missed watching them through this year

I sat infront of the PC and opened the movies partition

and found my-self watching "phone booth"
the movie which i saw many times :D
leaving all the new ones :))


I begane reading "Harry potter (5)"

((Harry potter and the order of the phoenix))

it seems i can't live without reading :))


btw, i read many posts 4 the people whome i used to read their works
maybe i didn't left comments there
but make sure that i did :)


I'll Miss my school..

My frnds..

I'll Miss all the teachers and all what we used to do with them :))

I'll Miss to sheat at the absence :)
i'm saving my own copy of it -the absence- till now :)

I'll Miss our school roof :)
and the time we spent there during our years at the school
it's my only school
I spent there 12 years :)
((the old of my frindship with salma :)))

I'll Miss our unique uniform -the gray one-
which made the people thougth we r at the preparatory stage lol


I know this post is so long and not well-arranged as my last ones
but i had many things to say and i didn't know how to say it all through one post :)

Thanks 4 U all again



I was about to forget!

4 all the people who r putting my banner -I mean my pic- in their blog

plz remove it :)
I think next days I'll find some people chating with it looool

really, it was a great idea from ahmed :)

but i think it's enough :)

it's also completely against my mysterious character ;)


~ Bato0ot ~ said...

7amdellah 3alaa salamtek ... rabna m3aky w el natiga tb2a to7fa isa .. miss u :)

camera_girl said...

ولكم باااااااااااااااااك يا موووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووونى


وحشتينى يا توته وحشتينى بجد يلاا ارتح ىكده وقضيهااااا اوعى تقعدى يا بنتى ام االنتيجه هتظه رانشا ءالله لاازم هتتلخمى لحقى بجد قضيها...وكلم باك تانى

Reemo said...

welcome back ya 2mr
3adet 3la 5er el7amdoullah we reg3ty belslama
isa el natega tetl3 kowyesa we nategt el maghod da yeb2a natega momtaza
rabna yekrmk ya rb
ana shelt el banner 5las mn 3andy 3lshan el sora :)))
rabna yewf2k ya gamela
regards (F)

إنـســانـة said...


وعقبال يارب النتيجة وتبقى بالنجاح ومجموع عالى اوووووووى ان شاء الله

وتدخلى الكلية اللى نفسك فيها ان شاء الله

انا عارفة ان الوقت ده - فترة انتقالية من مرحلة لمرحلة - بيبقى صعب شوية الواحد بيبقى متخبط ومش عارف يعمل ايه وحاسس انه خايف من اللى جاى وزعلان على المدرسة وايامها .. بس ان شاء الله خير وربنا هييسرلك كلية كويسة ان شاء الله

فترة وهتعدى على خير ان شاء الله

ومبروووووووووووك على النجاح مقدما ياجمييييل

Amr Ahmed said...


3o2bal el nateega

150% isa

Ferekico .. La Talomni said...

فترة و انتهت باللي ليها و اللي عليها .. الحمد لله

نورتينا من تاني:)

buffy said...

a5ern:))))so happy 4 u tht u finished tht .3o2bal elnatega el7elwa ya 2amar

عين ضيقة said...

عودا حميدا

ان شاء الله النتيجة تكون خير

نفسى تاخدى قرار التدوين بالعربى


تسـنيم said...

أجمل ما في البوست يا موون أنك لم تذكري تفاصيل المعاناة والضغط النفسي اللي كنتي واقعة تحته يوميا.. عموما ربنا يكرمك يارب وتعبنا كلنا يجي بفايدة

وبخصوص البانر حطوا بانر شيلو بانر حاضر يا سوتنا الهانم أي أوامر تاااااااااانية..؟؟

Mony The Angel said...

allah yesalemek (A)
thanks ya gameela
kamely gemeelek b2a w ed3y 3shan alnateega kaman :$

yea, shofteeny wana rag3a :D
wenty kaman wa7ashteeny wallahy
w wa7ashetny postatek bas ana ro7t we2retha kolaha :D
w about alnateega :(
kamely da3awatek wed3eely tany :$
w thanks ;)

b2a enty afla blogek w gaya te-comment-y 3andy :$
msh 3arfa a2ollek eh alsara7a :$
rabena ye7'aleeky bgad (f)
w tahnks alot 4 putting the baner 3andek :)))
regards (F)

allah yebarek feeeeeeeeeeeeky
w aywa kda 3aiza da3awaat mn dy al ayaam algaya 3alatool :D
w thanks alot 4 everything (FFFF)

allah yebarek feek
w yesma3 mn bo2ak rabena :D
(wala wennak ma7atetsh al banner :/)

azaiak 3amel eh :D
kwais enak geet hna 3shan ana msh 3arfa awsallak :D
eh yabny shaiel al comments leeh :D
welnaas tatawasal beek 3an taree2 eh b2a isA :/
a3alla2 3al post hna tayeb wala a3mel eh :D
la2 bgad shoflak serfa felmawdoo3 da
w thanks alot enak metabe3 :))
best regards ya dr (F)

i'll reply on the rest comments later (f)

fidodido said...



حمد الله على السلااااااااااااااااااااامة

Mony The Angel said...

azaiek yabenty 3amla eh?
b3atelek alsalam m3a nour wasal???
w yesma3 mn bo2ek rabna about alnateega alhelwa
thanks alot 4 being here (F)

3een daia2a:
azaiek ya semsema?
rabena ye7'aleeky bgad
w about altadween bel3araby,
me too :)))
mnwara (F)

ah tab3an mana asl law zakart msh hane7'las loooooolllzz
nezam b2a ally al modwana bta3ty te7'las wastelef bta3tek enty wesraa2 w kda b2a :D
w ba3deen zambohom eh alnaas al3'laaba dool lol
w about al banner
la mafeesh awamer tania ya 7'adamet bakeeeza lol

thanks 4 being here :))))))

allaaaaaah yesalemek :)))
shofteeny wana rag3a :)))
missed U so much (F)

هيثم ابوعقرب said...





Ma-3lina said...


7amdelah 3la salma ya moni

welcome beeki back we isa el natiga tetle3 kowisa isa we ted7'oli el kolia eli 3awzaha isa

waiting 4 ur posts

zordeak said...

حمد الله عالسلامة يا جمييل

نورتى البلوج بتاعك تانى

ربنا يكرم يا رب والنتيجة تطلع تمام اوى علشان نفرح كلنا

خلاص يا ستى هشيل البانر

يا مستر إكس

يا سلام عالغموض


esraa said...


أختي خلصت امتحانات

ألف مبروووووووووووك

وعقبال مانباركلك علي النتيجه يارب

وحاضر هنشيل البانر

وتصدقي البت سوميه وحشتني انا كمان والله

تيجي بالسلامه ان شاء الله

يلا سلام

david santos said...

Hello, Mony, my friend! This day 8 I go for Africa. I go I stop next to abandoned children. When I to arrive, in October, go to visit you. I take you in my heart. Until always