Saturday, March 7, 2009

a MSG has ben received.

a MSG has been received.
The sender is your friend,
-one of whom u used 2 call a close one-

asks about u..
says that she misses u..
tells u to say "Hi" to your other friends
-the ones whom used 2 be your other closed friends-

when u read the MSG u feel like crying..

Not because u really miss her,
or because u remember the old days,
when u used to see each other every day..
and u weren't in need of sending MSGs there
-although they're a good reasons to do-

but u do -feel like crying-
cause she thinks that,
because u r at the same university
with your other friends
-your both closed ones-
you see them a lot ,
and can tell them that she says "Hi"

u remember when u did the same thing..
when u asked one of your friends
- one of whom used to be a close one-
to say "Hi" for your other friends
-your both closed ones-
as u thought they see each other a lot
because they are at the same faculty!

Then u realize that..

when u r alone,
u think all the other ones are together


esraa said...

when u r alone,
u think all the other ones are together.

صح اوي
لأن كل واحد بيشوف الموقف من وجهة نظره هو وبس

Abu Yazan said...

مش عارف مسحة الحزن اللي بأت بتغلف كل كلامك دي سببها ايه. باينك عجّزتي يا منة

Unique said...

it's beautiful to remember
and to be remembered