Thursday, June 23, 2011

The parallel universes thing..

Have u ever heard about the parallel universes thing?

That there're many copies of us

out there.. at some where..

living a parallel lives of ours!

I haven't read about the whole thing

but yet i like the idea..

Because it could explain many things to me

like the picture i -always- have in my mind

for me.. happily, getting out from the window

which i know it didn't/won't happen in this universe..

It may also explain the events

which seems too real to be happening at somewhere else..

for me and you..

I do like and most likely to believe in it

though i haven't read about the whole thing yet

and though i know u won't have the same beliefs of mine

even if u read about the whole -parallel universes- thing.

Inspired from Rabbit Hole movie

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