Tuesday, April 3, 2007

delayed post..

you said:
one day you'll understand,
and you'll thank me

though i couldn't understand till now
but all what i can say
Thank you

you asked me once
to not hate u

i swear i didn't
i just stopped loving u


i looked @ my mobile

u were calling

Maybe if i tryed, i'ld answer

but i didn't!

i didn't try 2 answer!

i didn't call u back!

i didn't even try to send u a message!


i once thought we could be frnds again

i was completely wrong

i thought we can undo the last line in our drawing (our relationship)

but it wasn't true

coz as long as i have the drawing

i'll dwar that line again and again :)

u know what was the problrm at all??

that nothing have been changed to talk together again :)

it might worked if ur feelings were changed

coz then when i'll tell u that

"I Miss U"

u won't answer

"I Miss U 2" !


u have the same opinion (Mayeb the right one)

and I have the same feelings (also u do)

so what the point in waste our times in such a game!


when i published the post "The perfect painting"

i have recieved that coment

"fighting 4 something u like alot but u know inside u it will never be urs"

i have been shocked when i saw those words

she is right!

I'm fighting 4 something I know inside ME it will never be Mine!

i just hurt My-self more and more!


when i called u on 5/2 i thought there that there won't be another call!

many people said the same thing

though they were another ones not just one

though they were longer than the first

it still tha same!

Nothing has been change!


recentely u told me kidding that i have a black heart

taht i was blaming u 4 something

Maybe i had not

but now i think i have :)

i told u that i have been changed but u didn't believe

i told u once that i can't sign with "Ur Angel"

coz i'm not an angel anymore to be yours

but u answered there that i'm an angel an i'll always be

i just not yours

i hope u believed me now :)

i'm sure u did!


I saw u online many times

i didn't talk to U

and so u didn't :)

i always used to start talking and u only reply :)

so when i didn't start talking u didn't find anything 2 reply on and kept silence!

we stay online 4 hours with no one word!


last days u sent me many msgs

i wondered why u do!

one of them was saying something like

if there were anybody beside me?

and if there were i'ld beat him

coz u r mad with him

how he sees me and u don't

i'ld reply with those words

"coz it was ur choice"

then i prefered to keep silent :)


I'm still on my word

I won't forget U

I won't forget that U once were the most important thing in my life

I won't forget the times we shared together

the happy times and the sad ones

I won't forget ur number (who knows maybe i do one day)

i won't forget ur voice (as I think)

I won't forget that U once were my best close friend i have ever had :)

taht u entered my life in a dark time and brighted it

(No matter if u left it more dark that first)

But that's thing really I'll never forget


U know what
U entered my life in April
and now i'm getting u out of it
on another April
what a fate!


I just wanna to thank U alot
Thank U 4 every little thing U have done 4 me oneday
Thank U all the things I have learned from U
Thank U 4 being once in My Life
and Thank U 4 being out it now



camera_girl said...

ana mesh 3arfa a2oleeeek eeeeeeeeh

when i published the post "The perfect painting"

i have recieved that coment

"fighting 4 something u like alot but u know inside u it will never be urs"

i have been shocked when i saw those words

she is right!

I'm fighting 4 something I know inside ME it will never be Mine!

i just hurt My-self more and more!


el Goz2 da 3agiiiiB

تسـنيم said...

at za first ana w2ft odam elklma de (i just stopped loving u)and said ya ba7'tek :$, ana 2oltelek zaman f post undo or clear just shift delete bas rg3t w 2oltlek fi post perfect painting don given up but now wen i read: "fighting 4 something u like alot but u know inside u it will never be urs" ektashaft eny 3malt keda f nafsy :| :| w etsadamt aweeeeeeeeee, 3arafa ymkn el momiaz fiky enek ka angel 2olty thnx for all things but am as a human wish f i can back to clear zis memory zis tagroba all zat time from my life.. but u ana angel and am just tasneem.. my love fot ur heart, u r reall angel moon.

Ferekico .. La Talomni said...

لا أدري ماذا أقول .. و لا أدري ماذا حدث .. و لا أدري لماذا دائما ما يحدث

أصعب الفراق - عندي - فراقٌ لا يرتضيه الطرفان, و لا يريدانه .. لكنه رغم ذلك يحدث

ربما - كما قال - ستفهمين في أحد الأيام .. و ربما - أيضا - ستتذكرين تلك العلاقة بدهشة كبيرة لما حدث .. لماذا - و قد كان باستطاعتنا - لم نتلافَ النهاية .. ربما لو تنازل أحدنا في تلك الأيام البعيدة عن قليل من كبريائه - ربما سارت الأمور على نحو أفضل .. ربما .. و ربما

ابتدأت في أبريل مع بدايات الربيع, و انتهت في أبريل مع نهايات الشتاء .. و كأنها قصة أخرى من قصص فيروز .. بديت القصة تحت الشتا - بأول شتا - حبوا بعضن .. و خلصت القصة بتاني شتا - تحت الشتا - تركوا بعضن

مبرمج حر said...

A perfect post ya mony , i don't know why i remembered "wuthering heights" when i read your post , begad you have a talent ya angel :)

C'est la vie ya mony , Love and fate

Do you know TND??
TND stands for Tomorrow Never Dies
begad Tomorrow Never Dies day ya mony

مبرمج حر said...

نسيت أقولك صحيح

I taaaaaaagged yooooooooooooou

طبعاً أنتى بتدعى عليا دلوقت وأكيد بتقولى ارحمنى
لكن بجد يا مونى التاج ده لذيذ

david santos said...

Thanks, Anjel for you work! Very, very nice.
Have a good day

فبركة said...

تسلم ايدك
اكيد اكيد فر جرح لكن احلى جرح بنحسه هو اللى بيسعد اللى حوالينا ويشفى جراحهم
رغم انهم لما يكونوا سعداء ده مش بيداوى جرحنا اللى فرحهم
بجد دماغك جميلة واسلوبك تحفة

Amr Ahmed said...

ihope u have had the right choice

and also i hope u learn lesson from this experince

and u mustnt be fast in your choices

in order not to be injured at last

i hope u r alright

i wish u happy life

فبركة said...

although u didn't come to my blog to write a comment but I find my self here to see what I fell in myself and be sure that there are people have a big heart and big hurts also such as me
good luck my dear
I like ur blog

حصان بري said...

u entered my life in a dark time and brighted it
(No matter if u left it more dark that first)
wt a black heart!!!! :)
look moony
no one is angel yes
but u have a realy gr8 heart
i 'dn't a wrong personality analysis b4. and think u won't b my first.
i didin't got the idea
or u both weren't clear in ur feelings.
anyway just remember good times u 'd
that surely turned u 2 a better person.
hope u find a person that deserve fightung 4
and u'll know he is urs
only urs

انتظار مؤقت said...

some times there things we can never understand but we have to live with it

3lool said...

first of all
i like this post very mush as i liked your last one

if you wrote this post from your real experiment i want to tell you that

you shouldnt have any regret feelings inside you beacause any true relationship (love,friendship,...) and i said true one it should be win win equation , both sides should give not one only one of them
relationships need effort from both sides and i didnt feel that from your words
in relationships some times we feel numb but
also if that was atrue one you wont be able to to stay that way for long time

coz then when i'll tell u that
"I Miss U"
u won't answer
"I Miss U 2" !

dont you ever regret

sorry for elongation

keep it up


i got touched by those words too

"fighting 4 something u like alot but u know inside u it will never be urs"

Mony The Angel said...

i'm glad that my post has touched u in someway :)
w thanks 4 being my first comment :))

msh 3arfa leeh eftekert quotes kda wana ba2ra al comment bta3ek ba7ebbaha awe bt2ool:
"Don't cry cause it's over
smile cause it happened"

"أصعب الفراق - عندي - فراقٌ لا يرتضيه الطرفان, و لا يريدانه .. لكنه رغم ذلك يحدث"
me too :)

enta fe raddak 3ala commenty 3andak baien bt2ool al akbar menny qadran aw haga zay kda lol
yabny ana baagy 3andak atanna7 aslan :|
w yareet 3la ad kda
lama bad7'ol 3and ay 7ad wala2eek me-comment-eet 3ando
batanna7 bardo :|
bgad msA 3aleek
ba7eb a2ra kalamak awee
mnawwar ya doc ;)

thanks 4 ur so nice words :)
w sure TND :)
about the taag :D
wallahy enta atyeb awe ya a7mad
ya3ny enta medabesny fe 2 abl kda
wana maradetsh 3alehom gaay teb3atly talet lol
tayeb bgad :))


rabena yekremak 3alkalam al7elw da :))

w about ur second comment taht u talking about not coming 2 ur blog

not commenting in ur blog doesn't mean that i didn't come :))

w thanks 4 ur comming here :))

sofinqoraso said...

sorry ya tota for being late

elpost to7fa ya mony gor3a mokasafa mel masha3er
7ewar gamil awy

lam 2oltelk fighting 4 something u know it will never be urs kont 7asaki awy sa3etha

w 7asetk fel post dh w etbst mnk la2enk 3yza tekoni a7sn
w am sure u will

be sure that the future could beat the past

take care w waiting 4 more gr8 posts

smraa alnil said...

msh 3arfa 2aolk eh but u said a words i wanna say it to friend
he also was my best friend but now it`s over
u touched me by ur words
nice post mony

Mony The Angel said...

i hope so :)
thanks 4 ur sweet words
and i wish 4 u the same thing
"a happy life"
(( m3a alsa7etra tab3an ;) ))

"wt a black heart!!!! :)"
i told u :)))

thanks 4 ur comment
i really enjoyed with reading it :)
w thanks 4 ur wish :)
i hope the same thing 4 u :))

entezaar mo2aqat:
ur totally right :)

alot of things..
alot of things..

thanks 4 ur sweet words :)
and i hope u always like my posts
i can't really understand what u got from my words :)

bas 3al3moom
i didn't say anything about regretting :)
I said i'll never 4get him
so how i'll regret one day 4 knowing him :)
sure i didn't and i will not regret (isA)

it was just some kind of the comolicated relationships which u can't describe them in one post or even one hundred :))

thanks 4 ur words alot
and i'm glad that my humble words touched u :))

hope 2 always c u here :)

enty tnawwary f ay wa2t te7ebeeh :)
almohem enek teegy bas :)

shofty al comment bta3ek 3emel eh :D
kol alnaas ally 3ala2et gabet serto :D
thanks ya gameela 4 ur sweet words
and I hope so :)

so copy the post and paste it to this frnd lol
kidding :)
bas asly 7aseet en al comments kollah a3'alab 3aleeha tabe3 alka2aba fa2olt afata7ha shwaia fa gat feeky lol
i remembered those words when i read ur last words
" it's really amazing when 2 strangers became the best of frnds
but it's really sad when the best of frnds became 2 strangers"
that's what we both have now :)
mnawara ya gameela ;)

esraa said...

ايه ده ياموني.
انت طبعا عارفه اني قرأتها قيل كده, بس الصراحه ملقتش كلام أقوله.
انت تقريبا قلت كل حاجه.
انت طبعا عارفه اني من الناس اللي وافقت علي ازالة الخطوه الأخيره, واتمنيت انها تنجح, بس ماعرفش ليه رغم ده كان احساسي انها بردو صعب تنجح.
انا اتمنالك السعاده في حياتك الجديده, ويارب تلاقي فيها كل حاجه انت بتتمنيها, أختك الكبيره بقي لازم أقول الكلمتين دول.

REEMOO said...

nothing to say
just on word
thank u for writting this nice post
even it hurts me some howa
but its really beautiful

3lool said...

i didn't say anything about regretting :)
I said i'll never 4get him
so how i'll regret one day 4 knowing him :)
sure i didn't and i will not regret

you got me wrong sis.
i meant regretting for getting him out now not for knowing him

now i'm getting u out of it
on another April

read my comment again from this point of view

thanx for ur sweet reply :)

waiting for your new post


lovely page, am inviting you to visit mine,,,,

only for her eyes

buffy said...

mony i dont know wt to say ngd u know u write all i did on the same steps bgd i love ur posts so much it express me bgd u r amazing

OMA said...

eh da ba2a
ya benty postatet betegy 3algar7 3andi leeh
enti gamela w ra2e2a awi ya manmona
5aliki keda..enta keda begad gamela awi (f)

مداح القمر said...

من احلى الكلام اللى قريته ف حياتى..شعورك كان بينطق
يمكن اكون مريت شويه بنفس الموضوع وكنت مكانك...مااكدبش عليكى ساعات كنت بحس انى كرهت الانسانه دى..لكن لو حصل موقف كان بيحصل معاها قبل كدا بفتكرها وبحس انى بحبها اكتر م الاول...شكلك مش ح تنسى بسرعه لكن الجمله اللى كتبتيها دى...
you asked me once
to not hate u
i swear i didn't
i just stopped loving
هو دا العنوان المحتمل والمفروض لحياتك الجايه...عشان ما تكونيش سبب لجرح حد تانى...وبكدا تفضل الدايره بتلف على كل الناس من حوالينا وبينا احنا كمان
بجد كلامك اذهلنى وشعورك هايل هايل هايل


At first i wanna say that u made me do something i don't

I openef another page 2 open ur plog so I can read while I am writting my comment
when he said that u will understand I think that he was sure that u will never do but thank him anyway .. it's so ironic
don't hate me .. they always sayin these words when they r sure that what they did is really hurts
never answer and never call back .. please my little sis .. i know what I am saying
when u wrote "The perfect painting post .. i wanted 2 tell u something but i changed my mind I think I could say it now
اذا احببت شيئا فدعه حرا طليقا .. فإذا عاد فهو لك .. وإذا لم يعد فهو ابدا لم يكن لك
i said that u will call again and again and some day u will stop calling .. and i am still saying that
I saw u online many times

i didn't talk to U

I just can't help my self from telling u i know this feeling .. when u create a conversation from no where just cause u wanna talk 2 someone ... but believe me
الكلام يا يجيب بعضه يا قلته احسن
"coz it was ur choice
take it as a promise .. u wont forget but u will forgive then it will be just a memory .. just a days
never say thank u until u mean it
finally .. we all human noone have the right 2 ask anyone 2 be an angle and u can't force ur self 2 be one
just stay as u r .. a lovely wonderful and really kind person
I Love u my little sis

Mony The Angel said...

yea i know lol
nezaam marteen ketaba w marra emla abl mat3ala2y lol
almohem enek 3ala2ty fel2a7'er
w mnawwara ya o7'ty al kebeera ;)

welcome beeky 3andy ya gamela :))
w sorry 4 hurting u in someway :((
enty elly 7azzek gaibek 3al post alka2eeb da :))
hop 2 c u here again (f)

it's ok :))
i got it ;)
w sorry 4 missunderstanding u
and thanks 4 ur second comment :))
hop 2 always c u here

ahlan beek 3andy

and i saw urs :))

rabena ye7'aleeky ya gameela
it gives me pleasure that we r similar in some way :))
w ya rab daiman tenwareeny kda 3ala tool :)

hwa shaklo al post da kda melammes m3a alnaas kollaha :D
sorry ya gameela law kont sabebtelek ay za3al wenty bte2reeh (F)
w rabean ye7'aleeky 3alkalam al7elw elly enty ailaah da :$

Madaa7 al amar:
bgad thanks awee 3ala zoo2ak w kalamak da
ana etbasat egdan lama shoft al comment bta3ak especially en de awel marra teegy 3andy
and sorry if my post has hurt u in some how :$
hope 2 c u here again


kont mestaneiia commentek bgad :)

thanks alot 4 ur words
thanks alot..
i just wanna 2 say that when i said "thank u"
it wasn't ironic :)
i was mean it
and i'm still
i thanks him 4 all the things i wrote in the post and 4 another things i didn't write
but i really mean it :)

w about the comment which u didn't write :)
u know i was thinking to begin my post with it :)
but i prefer this one
"when u love something let it free, if it comes back 2 u it's meant 2 be
if it continue to fly,
let it soar..
Have faith that God Has something better inj store"
i believe in those words :)))

I love U 2 my elder sis (f)

khaled said...

yaah 2enty magro7a 2awey keda
bas shewya keda we kol 7aga beterga3 zai makanet
kalamek 2aser fia

Amira Hassan said...

i just stopped loving u

وهو ده شويه
ده بيوجع اكتر من الكره

zordeak said...

i'm shocked and don't know what to say

i remembered my words

and i feel the same sorrow

the same sadness

i know that u didn't understand why did he do so till now

but i promise u that u will

i can feel every beat in your heart

and every tear in your eyes when you were writing

i feel the tears with my heart .., my heart couldn't stop sharing you sorrow

you know menna

i just don't know what to say

it's amatter of feeling

feelings can be shared better with one eye look more than thousands of words

one sharing tear may tell you all what's going there inside me

i told u once that i can't sign with "Ur Angel"

coz i'm not an angel anymore to be yours

but u answered there that i'm an angel an i'll always be

i just not yours

he was right

you'll always be mony the angel

hoping not to forget.., but have agood feeling

i don't know how

but plz try



Anonymous said...


you'll get over it my dear

because you fully realised what was going on

you are no longer blindfolded

you're an onlooker now

you have a more panoramic view

thus.. you're the angel who'll survive insha ALlah

God bless you, my dear!

shaimaa said...

ana 7zena :(

hoa da el27sas eli 7seto after reading ur great post ...

ur words r so touchable&senstive..maybe cause it's so real

i wish i can do anything 4 u:(

i had nothing now but "a big hug"

elkamhawi said...

الصورة حلوة قوة

u dont have black heart

realy u very nice girl

عين ضيقة said...

وشكرا لكى على البوست الجيد ده
بس مش عارفة نفسى أسألك
قدرتى تخليه خارج حياتك دلوقتى فعلا

عارفة البوست بتاعك ده بيخلينى أفكر فى حاجات كتير جداوبرجع تانى لأول البداية

مش هيحصل

تحياتى ليكى

فبركة said...

من تانى دخلت مدونتك أدور على حاجة جديدة ومالاقتش
تخيلى فرحت وقولت مش مهم..على الأقل هستمتع باللى فات وبدأت أقرى أخر بوست واللى أقبله وبعد ما خلصوا قريتهم تانى
بجد لو عملتى مدونتك بفلوس هتكسبى دهب
مستني منك المزيد

تامر أبوعرب said...

im also happy to foun you and your blog but ihope to write in arabic .. its better

•«ρяoιd»•™ said...

great topic

malyan mash3er sad2a we a7ases gameila

nice blog

go on

Moody said...

جربتى سمن النخلتين؟
قومى جربى سمن النخلتين..الحب يرجع فى أكلتين
أنا بتكلم جد و الله

Sharm said...

amazing words
from amazing writer ...

Feras othman said...

all what i can say is :

I was never one to patiently pick up broken fragments and glue them together again and tell myself that the mended whole was as good as new. What is broken is broken -- and I'd rather remember it as it was at its best than mend it and see the broken places as long as I lived.

hope u'll understand what beyond these words


Mony The Angel said...

sorry 4 being late :$...

msh awe ya3ny :D
welcome beek 3andy 4 the first time..
w thanks 3ala comment :)
hope 2 c u here again..

wa7ashteeny bgad :))
w about ur comment..
hwa maybe biewga3 aktar..
bas a7san :)
Mnawwara ya m3allema..

msh3 arfa a2ollak eh bgad 3al comment da :)
bgad assar feiia awe..
w bgad i'm so sorry 4 reminding u those memories and makeing u feel sorry :(
I felt ur every word..
ur every little word..

and don worry about me..
i'll not forget but though i'm having agood feelings inside :)

hope 4 u the same thing ;)

thanks ya gameela bgad 3ala ur comment da :)
msh 3arfa a2ollek eh bgad..
God bless u :)

i'm sorry wallahy 4 making u sad :(
i'm not, so u shouldn't be ok :)
i has no reply 4 ur soft words but (a big hug)

mnawwar ya absha :)
alsoora bgad 3agabetak tsadda2 ma7adesh asna 3aleeha 3'eerak :))
w thanks 4 ur compliment :))

Mony The Angel said...

3een daia2a:
enty 3arfa ana ad eh bafra7 lama balaa2y comment mennek hena 3shan 3arfa enek msh bt7ebby al english bas bte2reely :)
w about your question..
yea, I could :)
And maybe forever :)

mnawwara ya semsema


msh 3arfa a2ollak eh gad :D
u can read all my pevious posts b2a :D
w about law 3meltaha befloos..
Ma7adesh haied7'olha looolllzzz
mnawwar ya captain ;)

welcome beek 3andy
w sorry 4 writting with english
I can't writ with arabic :S
hope 2 not lose u 4 this reason :)

welcome with u here :)
hope 2 always see u here :))

it'll not work :))
ana batkallem gad wallahy :)

a7'galtom twado3na :$

mnawwar ya dr

me too :)

هيثم ابوعقرب said...

مفيش حاجه زي زمان
بوست بالعربي لهيثم ابوعقرب
ولا خلاص الغلابه ملهمش مكان

Ma-3lina said...

The post teared me into pieces bgd

Ferekico .. La Talomni said...

عاوز ادخل انام بس مش لاقي حد اقوله تصبح على خير .. قلت آجي اطل على اخر العنقود اشوف الجديد .. بس ملقتش جديد .. عموما و انتي من اهله

david santos said...

The language cannot be an impediment to the of clarification so that a terrorist as Bush can continue to lie

لغة لا يمكن ان يكون عائقا امام توضيح ذلك ان الارهابي بوش ان تواصل الكذب

هيثم ابوعقرب said...

لما غصبت علي نفس واستخضرت خبرتي باللغه الانجليزيه
لاقيت حاجه جامده
وعجبني قوي قولك انك
انتي بس بطلتي تحبيه
احساس وحش
بس البوست احلي
علي فكره انا بعرف انجلش كويس جدا
وشغال معظم شغلي بالانجلش
بس كنت بستعبط
NEVER mind dear

فبركة said...

هاى..فين الجديد
انتى ناوية تشفرى المدونة بتاعتك ولا ايه؟؟
مفيش أى جديد لغاية دلوقت ليه؟
يالا بقى مستنيين منك الجديد
واتمنى بالمناسبة انك تزورى مدونتى ومستنى تعليقك

حصان بري said...

u've been tagged
ابتسامه خبيثه

~ Bato0ot ~ said...

oh ma god .. thats touching
though when u forget someone u wont talk about him all that long .. but in the end u said that u wont forget so its true .. n u didnt
:) keep on

nour said...

اووووووووووووووف يا بنتى ايه ده مش ممكن احنا متطابقين بقى
هو احنا كنا بنحب نفس الشخص و لا ايه
تخيلى لو كان ده بجد:))))))
لا فعلا انت قلتى كل اللى انا عايزة اقوله مش هقدر اكتب حاجة بقى فى الحوار ده تانى:)))))))))
نفس القصه نفس الاحساس بس الفرق فى التواريخ:)))
اشطه يا بنتى و الله

camera_girl said...

انىت فين يا ست هاااااااااااانم...وحشتينى يا بطوطه وحشتينى بجد فينك كده ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

كل يوم باجى مش لااقيه بوست جديد عاوزه واحد جديد وانجلييييييييزى

bastokka طهقانة said...

امتى اليوم ده يجي و يفهم
و يشكرني


Ahmed taher said...

انا هعلق بالعربي ...
كم غريب امر الانسان ...كم هو ضعيف حقا وغريب امره بالفعل ...
ندخل في علاقات بانفسنا ونعلم تمام العلم ةتمام اليقين انها ستفشل بالتاكيد ولاكننا كم نحب ان نوهم انفسنا باشياء هي اقرب الي خيالاتنا فقط ...
لا الومك بل الوم نفسي ونفسك وانفسنا جميعا لا نتعلم ولا نريد ان نتعلم نريد ان نهرب دائما ...
لقد كنت في مثل موقفك وصدقيني ستنسينه وسينساكي وستجديم من هو افضل منه ليس لانه سئ بل لانها سنة الحياة التي لا تتوقف على احد والا توقفت عند والدينا وهما اقرب الينا من حبل الوريد .....
عزيزتي لا تحزني .... وابتسمي للحياة
وكم اود لو تشاركي عندي اذا احببتي
تحياتي لك .... u the angel

Mony The Angel said...

azon ba3d ally ektashafto da ma3ntsh tgeeb seret al3araby tany ha?
ya3ny 3ala kda kol al postaat ally fatet de :|
mashy mashy :/
sa3eeda en al post 3agabak ya m3allem ;)

sorry ya gameela :S

mnawwar tab3an :)
ana radeet 3al comment da 3andak abl kda :D
lama oltelak ennak 3a2adteny lol

okay mashy :D

la2 mafeesh :D
asl ana banazel post wa7ed felshahr lol
enta faker al post da kda belsahel :D
ana asly 7adretak f 3 sanawee :)
fa mawdoo3 al postaat da msh belsahel kda lol
thanks 3ala ziartak almotakarera..
w btw i visited yours 4 many times
i read some old posts and left comments :)
cheack it ;)

Mony The Angel said...

7osaan barry:
tag tany :/
tchayeb lol
aho yet7at gamb e7'waato :D
mnawwar ;)

as u said
i didn't
i won't :)
mnwwara ya gameela (f)

msh ana oltelek :D
fhemty b2a now al comment bta3y henaak ;)
bas bgad moseeba almawdoo3 da :D
hwa fe eh :D
7'ally balek b2a ;)

mnwwara ya gameela
w thanks 3ala so2alek
mafeesh afkaar fedmaa3'y wallahy :)
bas ha7awel a3mellek post 3shan 7'atrek enty bas :D
w about enno bel english
there's no doubt aslan :D


eh da enty almawqef 3andek balsha2loob wala eh :D
tab eshta awe kda :D
bas btw, msh haga helwa 7'ales
w msh hatertaa7y enty sa3etha, as he didn't ;)

Ahmned taher:
welcome beek 3andy
awalan ana mafhemtsh goz2 ned7'ol 3elaqaat wehna 3arfeen ennaha hatefshalk de :))
i didn't say anything about that in my post :)
ella ba2a law enta btetkallem 3mooman :)

I'm sure that both of us will find another one who -may be- is better
but it doesn't mean we forget each other..

who has no past
has no future :)

mnwwar (f)

Anonymous said...

mafish bostat ya7bibt mama

intbhy lmzkrtk maaaaaaaaaaashy

post gdid fih at3 rkbh

eb2y khaly el blogars ynf3oky



Ahmed taher said...

عزيزتي ...الملاك البريئ
انا كنت اتحدث بشكل عام ... خصوصا انه احزنني كثيرا انه في الفتره الاخيرة وجدث قصص حب فاشلة بشكل غريب ....لا اعرف الخطأ فيمن تحديدا ....
قد يكون انفسنا وليست الظروف ...
اعرف ان لكل منا ماضي ولاكن ما قصدته
انك ستتخطين هذه المرحلة من حياتك ..وستعبرين من خلالها قصة اخرى قد تكون انجح ان شاء الله ززلانها بالتاكيد افادتك كثيرا ...

لقد احببت بصدق مرتان قبل زوجتي ..ولاكن مع الوقت نظرتي لهذ الحب تغيرت ووجهت حبي الحقيقي لزوجتي لانها اولي به وليس شفقة او رحمة بل حب حقيقي واقعي لانسانة تشاركتني الامي وافراحي وكل حياتي حتي وان اختلفنا فحي صارت حبيبتي وام ولدي .......

الحب قائم مادامت تنبض قلوبنا بالحياة
ارجو الا تكوني تضايقتي من رايي الاول واشكرك على سعة صدرك وساكون سعيدا لو شاركتي عندي ... تحياتي

SoRsaRaa said...

اهم الانباء فى عالم التدوين:

"مسابقه افضل موضوع"

"من أجل مدونات نظيفة"

"تصميمات الشعار وأكوادها"

ياريت تشرفونا وتشاركوا معانا فى المواضيع دى

smraa alnil said...

يا بنتي غيري ام البوست الكئيب دة بقي

اكتبي كدة حاجة جديدة

بدل ما اجي افجرك انتي كمان
انا شغاله حرب دلوقتي

moony said...

u couldn`t be more simple decent smooth or wonderful than that >> u touched my heart u little girl and made my eyes twinkling with tears... thanks for ur tenderness

Anonymous said...

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