Thursday, June 5, 2008

it's really hurts me..

It has been so hard 4 me when it's about death cases..

finding no words 2 say, is the most thing annoying me..

(as i am a real talkative one! )

so, why at this cases i can't say a word!

Instead of making the other one holds and be stronger,
I became weak..

Instead of asking them to not cry,
I got weeping..

I can't deal with goodbye when it's only a temporary farewell..
so, i can't even imagine what if it is a permanent one!

and so, my only wish became..
just to be the 1st one who go there of all the people i do love..

cause simply,
I can't -till now- acclimate with the fact of "Farewell" ..

the idea of losing someone 4ever!

Not only u won't see them, or u won't have them at ur life..


They, won't be even exist in this world anymore..

Not wiz u, not wiz anyone else..

The idea of staying when the others are leaving,

is really hurts me!

so hard to get, so hard 2 believe, and so hard 2 live with..


تسـنيم said...

did u know my bigest fears?

that i had to stay while the others leaveing..

and i know.. it's come true?

but i can't wish to be the first one who leave becoz it will be more harmfull of our family and u know zat..


Baher said...

your words tearing me apart
i hope that you are fine, and lose nobody

buffy said...

yes its too hard but its real so we just accept it

Ana keda said...

no comment

losing some one 4 ever is apianful feeling you can't replace if all the people become with you

just respect the others sadness

this is the most important word you can say

just feel without saying any thing about destiny or fate coz these words is known

just feel and no comment except hugging her

عين ضيقة said...

حسانى وأنا بحضنك دلوقتى

يارب يكون واصلك


no comment


صعب انك تشوفي اللي بتحبيهم بيبعدوا وصعب برده تتمني تبعدي انتي الاول عشان حتسمعيهم بيتعذبوا

ياااااه يا منة

Ferekico said...

يا عم انا بقالي كتير مستني تغير البوست ده بأه
مش عايز اعلق عليه

غيريه بدل ما اضربك

عاملة ايه فـ الدنيا صحيح
واحشاني مناكفتك

Selfmeaning said...

the same case :(

but this is the life

and we should go on


u r so sensitive and nice person
but this is life happiness and sadness
all will die one day
hany yassin

Dino$ said...

i never understood death i always convince myself that the person who died went to an island that has no way of communication. I just cant imagine or understand how someone who was alive and breathing. walking talking suddenly shuts down and is buried and turns into dust.

i cant... i probably will die before i will ever come close to understanding the concept of death.

All i can pray for is 7usn il khatima