Friday, June 27, 2008

need to write something,

what is it, or 4 whom it will be?
I dunno


as i backed 2 home i had to tidy my things,

i had to found many useless things (sure once they have a use, but now they don't)

and as every time i do this thing

i can't throw anything away!

why i dunno know..

i hate the idea of throwing the thing away cause they became useless

cause u don't need it any more u simply throw it away!

with no guilt feeling..

things with memories

not matter good or bad one..

i can't throw anything away

Oh God if only i can do it!


People whom have a good memory don't have a happy life in order

somethings -unwanted things actually- always remain

which they don't want!

as i'm one of those people

sometimes i wish i don't have it

be able to 4get any thing quickly as the other people do

dates, birthdays, Numbers, voices, words..

ur head full of useless things

birthdays u don't say "Happy Birthday" on the!

dates u don't celebrate of!

numbers u don't call!

so, why u have 2 remember them all?!


sometimes i think.

which better?
to go to the same faculty with ur 7 childhood' friends

and finish the first year with big hatred 4 them

or to go to a different faculty of thems

and finish ur 1st year with the same feeling u always had 2 them?

i think the second is better :)


i wish i can change..

2 better or to worse

doesn't matter..

any thing else except this offside area


تسـنيم said...

i have a good memory too,, and sometimes i wish if i lose it..
the birthdayes of peapole they chose going away their numbers their laughs their tears,,

but what can we do,, that's our memory :$
maybe we donnu now how much it's usefull but whene we get old we'll be more greatful for it...


i think the second is better :)

ya i think it's more better

Ma 3lina said...

Unfortunately I huv a good memory :((

but I try not to get affected by all the things in my mind

asl law keda haigeeeli ekte2ab 7ad we mmkn ant7er lol

Nice post :))


اكتبي لمجرد ان تكتبي
حب الاقتناء
معنديش حب الاقتناء فيا طبع رخم اول ما مثلا حاجة تنتهي تلاقيني رحت لامة كل حاجة ليها صلة بالحاجة دي وموزعاها رامياها كسراها على حسب ما ايدي تطول
يمكن مبشيلش الا حاجات صغيرة
لفة كانت على كاس شيكولاتة او عروسة
ورقة شيكولاتة كادبوري .. سي دي مكسورة .. حظاظة مقطوعة
دول مبعرفش اتخلص منهم مبقدرش
يمكن عشان كده فاهماكي تحسي انك بترمي حتة منك مع الحاجة اللي حتترمي
النسيان نعمة لا يقدرها الا المحرومون منها .. لماذا لا يمر ذاك اليوم دون ان تتجاوز عن كونه ذكراهم الاولى .. او هذا دون ان يتذكر انه اليوم كان عليه ان يكون معها محتفلا بسنة جديدة في عمرها
او لماذا كلما طلبت رقما تذكرت يدي رقمه ومسحته قبل الجرس الاول
مش عارفة ارد بس حقولك حاجة تانية

الصديق المزيف كالظل يمشي وائي عندما أكون في الشمس ويختفي عندما أكون في الظلام
أظنه جبران خليل جبران هو من قالها
وكما قلتها من قبل سأعيدها
we all in this area

Oma said...

ana awl ma ba5ls 7aga barmy kol 7aga leha 3laka beeeeha 3shan ma3zbsh nafsy beeeha !!
m3 en kter mn el 2aw2at el ash5as dol mmkn yekono fe 7yati tany w beyz3alo awy lma yela2ony ramit el 7agat bas ana lma ab5od karar eny army el 7ad da fe el zebala barmy kol 7aga leha 3laka beeh m3ah !! :D
although some times there's an exceptions fe 7agat est7ala armiha
a7san termiha...7ta alw sa3b 3aliky la2n a3'lbha betkon 7agat ben3azb nafsn beha !!


People whom have a good memory don't have a happy life in order

somethings -unwanted things actually- always remain

which they don't want


me too....almost the time i want to lose my memory..or at least some areas of it..but u know what ? iam playing agame with myself...and acting as i don't have memory..although iam always lose !! :D
i noticed that all girls have agood memory...and all of us need to forget alot of things !!


it's along time since i left u along comment...el post 3agebny mooot
w enty de5lty online w tel3ty zay el 7armia mal72tsh akalmk
3ayza atklm m3aky b2a ya bent el nas :))

Selfmeaning said...

i believe that u should not have only the wish to change, but u should also have the ability to do it. U can not dream and do not take action to achieve urs. U need a time to think about ur life again not as sad or weak person but as a strong one who can decide what she wants and knows well her right friends who will help her in changing her life

maioya said...

just write to ur self !
everything we have had amemory
when u throw it away you throw memory so keep it !!
not all people can forget
everything easily
we had to remember it
coz every number-date- un use now
had an important person in the past
go to a different faculty of thems
and finish ur 1st year with the same feeling u always had 2 them?

3asef said...

صارلي كتير ما جيت هون !!!!

buffy said...

i dont forget ppl faces ever may b names:))

عين ضيقة said...

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