Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Birthday..

I duno why most of my best frnds choosed jan. to be born at it..
or, why i choosed most of my best frnds whom born at jan..

whatever :)

I couldn't say Happy Birthday 2 two of them..

One, bcz he was out the country and i didn't got his No. there
so i couldn't say it on time!

and the other One,
I got his No. but simply, i can't say it :)

so bad feeling, when ur mobile rings alarming u that it's *****'s Birthday
and u can't say Happy Birthday to them!


3asef said...

ummm maybe u have to say it !!
im waiting birth days to repair my relations :D
bcuz it has a different feeling
i think u have to exploit this day
as u can

OR u have to delete that reminders :D hh
l2no s3b tetzkri w ma t2oli

esraa said...


هو أكيد احساس وحش

بس انا عارفه الاتنين وعارفه السببين

والاتنين مكنش بايدك

تسـنيم said...

طب ما أنا بعت رسالة دولي من أم 50 قرش بالنيابة عنك انتي واسراء

عايزة اييييييييه أكتر من كده؟؟

ده أنا فضلت صاحية لغاية ما جت 12 في أسبانيا علشان فرق التوقيت


Ma 3lina said...

Very hard thing when u wanna say somthng and u canot becoz of the distance or losing contact wiz someone :((

Feras othman said...

i guess i understand exactlty that feeling when the reminder reminds u of someone birthday and you could do nothing !!

best wishes to you and happy birthday to all ur friends ;)

Feras othman said...


oceaneyes said...

it's so hard when u can't say

" Happy Birthday " to some one !!

i can't know how did u felt then ..but i know that no matter what ..u should make yourself stronger enough to say it .. just not to be the weak part


hope u r fine my dear ..see u soon :)

buffy said...

yee so hard u can send a msg i do tht miss u sooooooooooooo

OMA said...


sure they feel u
w madam 3'ab's ok ya 7beby :)
mn el nas elly 3ayza a2olhm wa7shany

david santos said...

Posting fantistic! Very, very nice.
thank you and have a good week.

Congratulations Egypto!!!!!!!!

عين ضيقة said...

انا حاسة بأنهم أكيد حاسينك وحاسين صمتك اللى بيقول كل شىء

كل سنة وانت ليهم طيبة وهم ليكى طيبين

وحشتينى على فكرة

oceaneyes said...

Happy Valentine Day


elkamhawi said...

كل سنة وانتى طيبة برضة
وكل سنة وهما كمان طيبين