Friday, December 26, 2008

The greatest thing in traveling alone
that you will enjoy watching the road without any interruption from the one who sits beside you

and the awful thing at it all, that at the end of the trip you will have to carry your bag by your own-self


I hate the ORGANIC CHEMISTRY I just wish i pass it this year
coz i don't wanna it in my life anymore


why should we start anything while we know they all going to end?!


I'm dreaming of the second semester from now..

I just hope this dream completes and doesn't convert to an Nightmare
-as everything else-


tejeda said...


Ma 3lina said...

I agree on the traveling thing :)

About organic chemistry Offffffffff I hate it thx god it is all past 3o2balek :))

تسـنيم said...

da be3tbar en rabna msh bib2a raz2ek bnas tool eltari2 t7kilek qest 7aiatah lol

hehehe law sm3ek nader w enty bt2oli enk btkrahy el organic haiz3al aweee ;)

3alshan de sonet el7aiah :)

bas elnightmars hia bas eli btet7a2a2 :D

mona said...

afkark mortba
that،s nice