Sunday, January 4, 2009

The un-related thoughts..

- He told her that the half-blindness is more better than the full-one
- She told him that she prefers the full-blindness than being a friend of someone whom the both know she's in love with


- They say, the more u live, the more u see
and i say, the more u live and travel alone twice a weak the much more u see


- She asked him about that girl whom left him for another one else..
if he still feels any hatred towards her
- He answered her with his quiet -usual- smile with No.
she only thought how rare is her friendto be exist nowdays


- He told her before about two of his colleagues,
whom loved each other for five years..
and after their engagement,
He found out he stopped loving her..
but he couldn't tell her in order to not hurt her feelings
He kept it up hoping it'd change after marriage,
but it'd not..
and he didn't tell her to not hurt her feelings..
he couldn't love her again, and he couldn't stay faithful neither
so he cheated on her
and once more he couldn't tell her to not hurt her..
- The most weird part of the story 4 her,
the Girl,
she always believed, He is the love of her life.


- Everyone she has known in her life has told her that sentence
"I don't deserve u"

she always wondered about that!
is really the one whom does, hadn't exist yet?!
or she's the responsible of making them feel like that..
though she hate the second choice, she found her-self thinking seriously about it..
as the first one is much further to be real!


- He told her that he can't do it any more
he can't live with her like that
"takes and never gives"
-she asked him if she has complained?
- He answers with No, but it doesn't mean he have to wait till she does!
- She just asked him to not regret after couple of years
-as they always do!-


- He asked her to not hate him..
she really doesn't know why he did!
he has asked the same thing before and she has promised him to not do.
she has never hated him and she will never do..
so, why he now repeating him-self again?!
to make her confirm an old information!
if that's is true, so he really deserves her hatred!
though they both know she won't do at all..


- They say that " All the alive people r going to be meet again .. one day"
-she keep praying for God to prolong their lives,
till that day comes and they meet.. again


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