Monday, December 8, 2008

at opposite..

I hate when u act like this!

I hate when u make me think,
It'd be more better if i didn't tell u about it all!

I hate when u just leave coz u have nothing 2 say
-though i'm still talking-
and actually i keep talking.. then after while i find out, i was just talking 2 my-self 4 minutes ago!

I hate ur reaction, coz i think i have been put in similar situation
and i didn't have a similar reaction of urs
or even a nearly one!

I hate it coz i think it's bcz u don't trust me enough -like i do-
and that's why we have different reactions here!

I hate when u make me feel this worse
while u r the one whom supposed to make me feel better
when it all goes wrong around!

I hate when i feel we r at an opposite sides when we r supposed to be at the same one!