Friday, March 7, 2008

saying goodbye...

Saying good bye 2 someone u really love,

as u don't care..

while u r wearing ur sun glasses in order to not show ur real feelings..

as u didn't spend all the last day crying,

coz they're going to leave the next morning..

just to say this silly word and go away,

knowing that,

the next time u'll get back to home,
u'll not find them there..

is the most thing i hate ever!


أمـــاني said...

Firstly, I've to admit that you have a wonderful style in writing

Secondly, I'm totally with you...I hate Farewell and always avoid to be in such positions

Finally, I'm happy to visit your blog

Ma 3lina said...

Goodbyes r always hurtful !!

3asef said...

:'( اصعب شي نودع ناس بنحبهم !!!
على قد ما بنحب على قد ما بننجرح

تسـنيم said...

we can say goodbye easier zan hear it..

Amr Ahmed said...

we have to say goodbye

shaimaa said...

i hate's a curse.and as Warda says in her song"elwada3..mb2tsh a7'f fe eldonya de 3'er mn elwda3":(

Abu Yazan said...

أليمةٌ "إلى اللقاء" و "اصحبوا بخير" .. و كل ألفاظِ الوداع مُرّةٌ، و الموتُ مُرّ .. و كل شيءٍ يسرق الإنسانَ من إنسان

مش لاقي حاجة تانية أقولها

ليكي وحشة كبيرة آآآد كده
طمنينا عليكي

سلام يا سكر

Bongo said...

goodbyes are the most sad thing in the world

but sometimes it just must occur :(

nice blog btw , my first visit

Anonymous said...

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Abu Yazan said...

قاعد يا بنتي فـ أمان الله لا بيا و لا عليا
و إذا فجأةً خير اللهم اجعله خير
قال ايه ياختي هفيتي على دماغي و لقيتك وحشاني

فانا استغربت بأه

فينك يا بنتي طول الوقت ده
عاش مين شافك
و كَلْنا بلحك و خشافك

وحشتينا يا شادية

OMA said...

i thought i left acomment for u in this post !
ma 3lina ana ba2et mastola wla eeh !!
goodbye is always painful ya Mony lakn it have to be our last option...alot of people don't struggle enough,jsut turn their face and run away after saying goodbye
we don't have t say goodbye for any one we loves ( ela fe el shded el 2awy )
missed u...iam back 3la fekra my blog is opened :)

camera_girl said...

ya rab matet7aty fel mawkef da abadan ba3d keda..i hope so

nour said...

يخرب بيت الغربه اللى تطلع الابداعات دى يا مونى
فظيعه يخرب بيتك قشعرتينى