Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Can it be ?!!

Do we have 2 live every moment of our lifes?!
can't we just pass some whiles away!
i know it seems so strange so i'll give u an example..
what if u have today some thing (event, situation, whatever) something u really want to not attend!
(not talk here about not having it, only not attending)
let's say it's from 5 pm to 7 pm
can't u at 4.599 pm pass by some way?
(even by just closing ur eyes!)
and the next time u open ur eyes it be 7.01 pm!
u just escaped this time (5:7 pm)

and u will got the same result ( the event/situation will happened only u won't attend the happening of it)
can't we just wen we don't wanna 2 attend 2morrow..
sleep at ! night, to wake up at the day after 2morrow??!
does it possible??!
can it ever happen??!
cause i really NEED it..


تسـنيم said...

everything will pass
nothing stays 4ever after zat u'll smile and saying it's passed :)

do ur best and GOD will do the rest

Blue ♥ said...

nafs el fekra fe3lan .. bas what if someone wants to pass his whole life !

esraa said...

كا حاجه بترجع تعدي

وبنكتشف بعد ماتعدي انها كانت أسهل مما كنا متوقعين مهما كانت صعبه

هو ماينفعش اننا نغمض عنينا ونفتحها نلاقي الوقت ده خلص

بس في حاجه انا دايما بعملها لما أكون تعبانه أو في وقت صعب ومش قادره

دايما بفضل أقول لنفسي ان دي كمان هتبقي ذكري

وانها هتعدي ولو عايزه مش هفتكرها كمان

Oma said...

every thing haaaas an end
it's true .. trust me !
but we are not patient enough to know that...!

study haaard


as Tasnem said everything will pass .. god be with us sweety
do u know that u r the only English blog that i like