Sunday, December 31, 2006

what will u do? Undo/Clear?

I know i'm taking a serious step..

Maybe it's not the right one.. but i took the decision to do..

I really don't care if it's a big adventure..

for me, this matter all was adventure from the beginig

so, another one step won't make a big difference

just wish 4 me that it be a right step not another wrong one :)


Many people warned me, that maybe it's not the right decision

and Me myself warned me :)

but i persuaded them all (the many people and myself)

that it can works

why not!


people say that

"u can turn a friendship to love.. but u can't turn a love to friendship"

i always agreed with this quote..

yea, that's true

But, what if it was friendship from begining and then it turns to another thing, does it the same case??

I think no..

bcz i think the coz of that (love can't turn to a friendship) the people themselves..

I mean, the 2 who be in love, can't deal with their lovers as a friends!

they can't deal with them as this way, so they can't turn their love to friendship

that's all..

but the rare ones who could

(deal with their lovers as a friends)

they succeeded

it's up to them not to another thing :)


If u draw a beautiful drawing..

it's very beautiful..

then u loved to make it more beutiful..

u put some line, in order to make it more beautiful..

but u discovered that it didn't be more beautiful..

it becomes less..

became not beautiful anymore..

what will u do?

do u just undo the last line and keep it with its first beauty and enoying by it?


clear all the drawing and stay with no beauty?

i perfered to undo the last line and not clear all the drawing

that's all :)


HaPpY nEw YeAr


esraa said...

hi sweety
yea i think i`ll make undo, and i hope u take the right decision.
i say always that when lover go he shouldn`t take the friendship with him coz that hurting more, and i thinke that lovers can come back friends again.
my love 2 u

Amr Ahmed said...

nice article

it is great

iam with u that it is better to undo the changes

to keep the beauty

nice blog

happy eid and happy new year

Mony The Angel said...

happy bcz u think the same thing
my love to u..
i'm pleased that u liked it, that's all wahat i want :)
happy feast and happy new year 4 u
(wala wenha met2a7'ara shwaia bas ma3lesh ;))

sofinqoraso said...

sure i'll undo all the changes
ساعات كتير لما بنفكر فى اللى فات بنتمنى إن الزمن يرجع بينا ونقدر نرجع اللى كان

موضوع الصداقة والحب دى حاجة نسبية
ومنقدرش نطلعلها قاعدة عامة
أحيانا ممكن الحب يتحول لصداقة
واحياناً لأ

we2am said...

hey hey..what's goin on?!! :D
very simple and honest..floating kida..and am agree 2 and 3 completly..what was ur decieon in 1"am concedring the first 2 parts same thought here" wana hanf3k brdk"evil smile" ;))
how beatiful was 3!!!i do LUV the ctrl+z button"undo" and i believe in we can fix almost what we have done b4..yalla 7asl 7'eer b2a :D
happy every thing ya gameel :)
w sa7e7..maybe am late at commentin..srry 4 that am studying b2a w kidhawon :))

Mony The Angel said...

totally with u :)
akeed mainfa3sh tb2a qa3da 3amma..
bas al a3am eno mabienfa3sh al7ob yet7awel sadaqa :)
nawarty al blog ya sofinqoraso (F)
welcome ya gameel ;)
matetsawareesh etbasat ad eh lama l2eetek 3ande :)
thanks 4 ur comment,
hope u always do :)
w 3alta27'eer, fawalayhemmek ;)
enty tsharafy fe ay wa2t ted7'oly feeh 3al blog..
salam ya gameel (F)

nour said...

انا هبقى الوحيدة اللى كاتبه عربى:))
لا بجد اسلوبك بسيط و رقيق اوى
يا رب تكتبى عربى قريبا

تسـنيم said...

hi hi .. u no ana kont hena ma awel maktabty elpost da ..
bosy ya mony fe lovers kteer close more zan friends w 3laqethom ra23a w bgad as7ab w de mn shroty f elqesa el7'orafia eli ba7lam biha.. ama blnesba llsora eli zad fiha line w gmalha a2l f ana msh ha3mel undo ana wa7da hat3ml shift delete w tbda2 trsem rasma gdida b fekra gdida la2n el line eli ha3mlo undo goze2 mny w mn masha3ry haisib fia asar..
da ra2y bas atmana enek tnga7y f undo w law fashlty tb2i garabty ya 2amar..
my love 4 ur heart

Mony The Angel said...

thanks 4 ur visit ya gameela,
we7kaiet al3araby de, fana kaman atmanna eny akteb 3araby, i'll try 2 do soon.. bas ma3lesh 3shan al agaza 7'elset weldroos reg3et tany, fa da akeed haia7'od wa2t :)

yea i know..
i'm rea;;y happy 4 ur comment..
i waited 4 it long time :)
when i wrote this post i expected 2 find all people say, ofcourse i'll clear :)
so, i was wondered that every one said i'll undo :)
i respect ur opinion and i understand the reasons to have :)

أحمدبلال said...

i don't think u can undo things in a human relationship
i try 2 do it once but it was a disaster
we were a friends 1st then we bcom lovers
after 3 years i notic that she loves me more than i love her
so we break up after a lot of problems

people say that

"u can turn a friendship to love.. but u can't turn a love to friendship"
i agree 2

do u just undo the last line and keep it with its first beauty and enoying by it?

i told u that u couldn't do it
bcoz u didn't draw a beautiful drawing like u said

u carve a beautiful Statue
so if u wanna undo one thing in ur Statue u have 2 break it

Mony The Angel said...

ahmad belal:
thanks 4 ur comment ya man :)
ana zay ma2olt fe rady 3ala tasneem, en ana aslan kont montazera en alnaas kolha t2ool la2 mainfa3sh undo mainfa3sh 3'eer clear.. weny etfage2t lama l2eet alnas kolha bt2ool, i'll undo..
maybe koono et7'ada3o bel example elly ana olto btaa3 alrasma, w maybe l2nhom magaraboosh f3lan fa2aloo ah w eh almane3 :)
bas bma enak enta garabt fanta olt ally ana waslalo mn zaman, ana 3arfa ally enta bt2olo da, w 3arfa en ally ana ba3melo now da mogazfa, step zay ma2olt, momken tkoon right w momken tkoon wrong, wa en kont ba2mal enha tkoon right :)
bas 3al3moom thanks 3al advice :)