Wednesday, December 27, 2006

u never really loved me.. why did i expect u to stay

I dunno why..

but when i see this pic,

I always remember that quotes

"say goodbye.. turn and walk away..

u never really loved me.. why did i expect u to stay"


I have no another comment..

just wanna 2 c yours


there's Nothing to notice any more :)
thanks 4 u the black horse


تسـنيم said...

bosy ya set mony elsora mo2lema awe 3arfa leeh 3alshan hia maktafitsh enha meshat w sabito la2 de kaman 7'adet 2albo m3aha ya ritha kanet sabet 2albo..
eftaqdt 3nwan llpost 7'sosan enk btktby ta3li2at w 3anween gamda moot..

Mony The Angel said...

la2 enty 3arfa ana eh aktar haga asaret feia awee..
enha hata mabasetsh waraha..
mhawletsh tshoof hwa 3amel eh now!
hata hwa ya3eeny fedel bases waraah lama r2abto etlew7et mestanny enha hata t3abaro benazra, but she didn't :(
wadeeny hatetlek title ahoo 3shan matez3aleesh ya sety ;)

esraa said...

hia 2asia gdan , de a7`adet 2albo w msheit w kan bynzf w hia 7ata mabstsh 3aleh msh 3shano 3la 2e2al tshof lsa 3aish wala mat mn ktr ma nzf
bas elmshkla fe hwa eno msh hay3raf y7b 3`erha l2nha a7`dt 2lbo m3aha.

Amr Ahmed said...

my comment is:

it is my fault ,that i allowed you to take my heart and let you left

but i will live with out it

with out u

i will live

Mony The Angel said...

nice comment amr..
i really really liked it :)


just walk away and say good bye
don't turn around now u will see me cry

i think this song was 4 celin dewon

bas i remembered it lama shoft el pic

Mony The Angel said...

Nice comment ya limo
thanks 4 ur visit ya gameela

الحصان الأسود said...

omg, this photo really descripe what i been through, i am just another victim in the chain.


yes you will live, but i am sure you would wish you wouldn't, you will live, yes, but a body without a soul
you will live, yes, a brain without a heart
you would wish then you aren't living anymore

الحصان الأسود said...

ياموني على فكرة انتي تقدري من خلال برنامج تصفح الصور للويندوز تقلبي الصورة وتخلية كما لو كان ماسك الجنب اليسار من صدرة بإستخدام أمر
Flip Vertical
يعني كأنك حاطة الصورة قدام مراية

ومتهيألي ان دة حصل بالغلط للصورة علشان كدة باينة معكوسة

الحصان الأسود said...

ياترى تسمحيلي احط الصورة دي على موضوع كنت كاتبة من ايام و بصراحة الصورة دي فعلا تنطبق علية و مناسبة لة جدا

فلو قبلتي انقلها علية اكون شاكر وطبعا حاشير ان الصورة منقولة من مدونتك

مع الشكر

Mony The Angel said...

الحصان الأسود:
nawart alblog bta3ty ya man :)
thanks 4 ur comments, i enjoyed by reading them, especially the one to amr :)
w about al pic..
u r welcome..
tab3an te2dar ta7'odha wet7otha 3andak, de haga tesharafny ana :)
w mafesh da3y tekteb enak a7'edha mn3 andy :)
btw, ana makontsh nawia aod 3ala haga now, bas lama shoft ur last comment kan lazem arod 3shan ma2a7'araksh 3al post bta3ak :)
(matensaash bas teb2a tezbotha 3andak belbernameg ally olt 3aleeh :))

الحصان الأسود said...

Thank you my dear friend, it is really my pleasure to either comment in your blog or to see you comminting in mine

thank you for your sweet words and for accepting to copy your picture in my blog
thats so nice of you really

by the way i already did adjust it to be vetically flipped since i read your comment that its inverted


الحصان الأسود said...

btw, why dont you copy the corrected photo from my blog and instead of this inverted one in here, at least i would be able to return a lil of your favour


Mony The Angel said...

i did ahoo :)
thanks awe ya maan (f)

الحصان الأسود said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
الحصان الأسود said...

yes i can see, but i expected you would remove the text that is announing this fault from your post
as it's no longer exists