Thursday, December 28, 2006

It's really nice to.......

It's really nice to: 1) Meet someone u really love and u don't expect to do
we (me and my brother) were in the middle of the road,
when another car apeared next us..
He was Ahmed, my cousin and also my brother :)
it's so long time since i saw him..
i really pleased 4 seeing him by this way (by luck)
I think i'm the only one who has 2 bothers, they both have the same Name, the same Year, the same Month, the same Day, and older than me 1 year and 10 monthes exactly :)
so lucky me to have them both :)

2) Get one day from ur childhood back
(even if it's in the doctor's visit :))
every thing was the same..
The same bulding, the same lift guard (but he got older than first :))
decore, the watch on the wall (but it has been stopped :)), and finally
My doctor's look
it was the same :)
i was really so happy bcz every thing still the same, and i still remember all the details :)
i did in that day every thing i used to do when i was kid
when i went to my doctor
i was really happy 4 just get back my childish memories
just one day :)

3) Stay out in the streat when it rains heavely
u can call me crazy or something like that..
but it was really great..
at first, we (me and my frnds) were in our way to the place which we get there the course..
i walked so slowly to enjoy with every rain drop :) in the same time my rest frnds were runing :)
then i decided to wait for salma's coming out in the rain :)
and i already did, i stood out (with big smile on my face) waiting 4 her coming and watching the ppl who r running and hiding from the rain..
then she came.. and surprised that i wait 4 her out
(it's the first time i did :))
then i asked her some childish request..
to round with me under the rain, as we always did
(but actually it was in the scool not in the street :))
after some insistence fom me, she agreed :)
and then we rounded together
it gives me big pleasure to do that :)
and i didn't care that my clothes was completly wetted (especially my shoes) and i was compelled to sit in them the rest of the day :)
but it was really fantastic feeling :)


تسـنيم said...

mony: it's so nice >> live ur life as u wish and want, just this memories will stay for u from za past so try to have alot..
my love..

esraa said...

when i read that realy iwas so happy, i realy felt ur happiness, and hope happy life and memories 2 u


there was a big smile on my face when i was reading

karakib said...

قليل أوي لما بالاقي مدونه أنجليزيه أو فرنسيه تشدني أقرا الكلام فيها .. بس هنا الوضع مختلف ... المدونه حلوه فعلا أختياراتك فالصور جميله .. يمكن مش أول مره أشوف الصور دي لكن كلها من الصور اللي بتعمل فرق مع الواحد لما يشوفها

Mony The Angel said...

thanks 4 ur hope to me :)

esraa2 and lamia:
ana bardo maihemneesh 3'eer sa3adet 7adaratkom :)

it gives me pleasure to see ur comment here :)
hope to always please u

وله نهايه said...

happy new year....happy feast