Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pick me, Choose me, Love me.

I love u
I do
u r the most thing i've ever wanted
but i don't show this too much..
because, all my life
the things i've showed that i wanted the most, have gone

and i can't lose u..

I love you

So plz, stay wiz me
No matter what i say
No matter what i do
No matter what happens
just stay here..

in a really, really big......

because when u r here,
all my fears fade away
-Me the one with the huge fears-
when u r here,
i don't feel incomplete
-not any more-

pretend to like your taste in music,

when u say my name,
I feel i own the whole world
and when u don't
I feel i have Nothing at all...

let you eat the last piece of cheesecake,

I know i'm not a good lover..
I know i'm not anyone's dream girl..
I wish i can be more better 4 u..
I'm trying..
though i'm not sure about the results
I still trying..

hold a radio over my head outside your window,

I'm just this silly girl
whom empress u every time by askin' u to sing 2 her
whom is talkin' seriously when she tells u that
she wan't u to propose to her on one knee like the old ages
-which she believe she belongs to-
whom is not kidding when she ask u
2 bring her a monkey and let her keep it at home..

unfortunate way that makes me hate you love you

I know i'm so inperfect
I know i do alot of mistakes
but can u plz let Me
-The really silly girl, with the big fears, and the many many mistakes-
love u..??

So pick me. Choose me. Love me.

The italic lines from Grey's anatomy


Anonymous said...

سكره جات هنا
كنت هناك عند تسنيم وشدنى اسم البوست بتاعك لان الجمله دى حافظاها عن ظهر قلب وقلت لنفسى ياترى هى بتتكلم عن المسلسل اللى بعشقه ولاايه فقررت انى ادخل
ولما دخلت عاجبتنى المدونه وقررت انى اجى هنا على طول
بس ياريت تبقى تجيبى شويه بسكوتات وشيكولاتات عشان انا بحب اكلها وانا بقرا

ميرام said...

he must do

Shrouk said...