Saturday, January 2, 2010

un-related thoughts (2)

It was a wednesday..
it has always been..
anyhow, I don't like wednesdays that much..


How will it b?
Is there anyone/any place can tell us?
because if there is any,
I'll be there..
standing on the 1st line
just to know..
How will it be?


She bought it 4 Him..
She thought He will like it alot..
She was in her way 2 Him,
when She met one of her old frnds..
she found her-self giving him the gift
His gift..
Her frnd was really feeling happy..
when she was going away,
with an empty feeling inside..


Is that what u could tell me there?
that u can't remember anything about me?
I wounder that u still remember my name!
-as it was the only thing u haven't asked about-


Goodbye, is what i always thought about
and what is not part of ur thinking

Goodbye, is my biggest fear,
and ur non-significant thing

Goodbye, is what i've been w8in' 4
as i've always been left behind
and what u never expected
as u've always been the one who put the end line




esraa said...

i hate goodbye

Anonymous said...

It is very interestingly written, to the author thanks.