Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I always say that, i'll be the first who die!

why? i dunno.. but that's my feelings inside..

i'll be the first one.. in all the poeple who i know, who i care, and who i love..

i'll be the first one!

actually, it was only a wish..

i wished to be the first coz i know i can't endure the pain then..

i realy hope to be the first one..

then it becomes some strong feeling inside me..

that i'll be the first..

i was asure from that..

but recently, alot of my wishes hasn't come true..

actually, alot of my main wishes..

i wondered..

is this one also will not come true!

or it's the only one which will!!!!!!

i realy dunno..

but yesterday, something happened, made me think about this point..

what if i won't be the first!

what if i be the second.. or the third..

what if i be the last one!

i dunno.. but it's realy scary..

u know what..

i think it's a gift Not to be know ur death date :)

it's a great gift actually :)

Thanks God


Anonymous said...

zat's was my big wish i had but like alot of wishs i losted i no and sure i'll be za last one to suvreing and suvreing more.

الحصان الأسود said...

thats because you dont want to miss them, dont want to suffer the pain of loosing the ones you loved

how painful to live without the ones you loved

hope you dont go through this