Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Sometimes, God lockes all the door infront of ur face!

suddelnly u found urself alone!

with nobody to talk to!

with no frnd to listen!

with no shoulder to cry on!


u upset :(

and wonder.. what's the hell u did to deserve that!

u didn't hurt any body, u didn't say any bad words.. u didn't do any mistakes to deserve all that!

then u get depressed :S

u knockes all the doors, just 2 find someone listen..

but u don't find any one!


u dunnow, but that's what happening!

then, u find out that there is some door u didn't knock!

Allah's door..

u didn't went to him!

how it comes!

u should went to him from the begining..

yea, that's right..

it's the right path..

then u went to God..

u pray.. supplicate.. beg.. cry.. and ask for the peace with urself..

and suddenly, like the first time..

every thing changes.. every thing turns to the old way..

u find all the people who u thought they went away!

u find ur friends, people who listen.. u find all what u need..

u find out.. that God has made all that..

all this bad feelings..

all that loneless..

al that..

just to knock his door..

just to know that u have NOBODY & NOTHING but Him..

when u become sure from that point..

all the closed door'll be opened.. by itsselves!

so, when u have a tough time.. don't search alot..

don't knock poeple's doors..

just go to Him..

he will cure ur soul..

just have the faith that He can do..

and u'll find that He did :)

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