Friday, February 18, 2011

wen it turns frm valentine's day 2 a 5arentines one :D

U've been in a bad mood all the day..

one of those days u just acting as u're lookin' 4 a fight

and after ur all tries don't work out..

and as ur mood is becoming worse..

U prefer keep silence and not talkin' 2 anyone!

Here where u wish if there're some danger sign above ur head,

2 make ppl stay away frm u

or even listen when u say u dun wanna 2 talk..

So ur perfect solution there is goin' 2 sleep

even if it's so early 2 do..

or even if u dun wanna 2 sleep at all..

it still ur only solution, so u take it.

U're there tryin' 2 sleep when u got that msg frm ur -dear- clz frnd

sayin' that u'd get a kiss if u clzd ur eye..

U just do -clz ur eyes-

2 find the next lines tellin' u there's no kiss 4 u bcz u havn't clz ur eyes 4 real!

Here's where ur mood becomes the worst

and all wt cms 2 ur mind,

but i hav -really- clzd my eyes!

Ur tears find there way 2 ur pillow,

u clz ur eyes whispering 2 ur-self

Happy 5arentine's day : )


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