Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The window thing..

I have this picture in my mind

for me going out from the window..

when i get in troubles,

that's the only picture i think about.

I don't have a close scene 4 it..

i dunno what will happen after

i just know that i'll leave everything behind

and it'll be the end of everything/trouble

I dunno if that makes me considered

as suicidal persons or not?

but even if it does, i won't deny..

Deep sleeping is another option

going 2 sleep, and never wake up again

-that's will make me really considered as a suicidal person-

so i'll replace never wake up again with,

waking up latter

after everything is done

No matter what it'll take..

days, weeks, months..

No matter..

there's no problem as i won't b practically here..

but because the deep sleepin' option

is not applicable for me..

as i can't keep my eyes closed 4 more that six hours

- which r not sufficient 4 getting anything done-

The window still my ideal -applicable- solution

when i get in troubles..

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