Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Ring

The ring

the holy circle which encircle/surround my finger

that circle which belongs to someone else

with his name on it

Not me, Not mine

another one's ring is what i'm -happily- puttin' on now

and me,

the one who always used to hate the engaged ppl

especially -silly- engaged girl

now is puttin' ring

and can't stop playing with

staring on it 2 c if it still seems that new

watchin' it 2 c if it's stopped sparkling yet

at another place, around his finger

Mine is

My ring

with my name on it

Not his

and i know he's -happily- putting on

and both -our rings- having the same date

our date,

The day when our life together -officially- began

I just can't stop looking at -mostly- all the time

2 c if it suits my finger the best

or 2 make sure it's still on there

or 2 wonder when it won't sparkling that much

and stop being that new

I just love my ring

my Holly circle which encircles/surrounds my finger

that ring which belongs to someone else

Not me

but i'm happily -indeed- to be puttin' on :)


Selfmeaning said...

mabroooook ya gamila 3obal elfar7 isa w rabana ydeem 3leikom elfar7a

Shrouk said...


Mony The Angel said...

Thanks :DD