Wednesday, February 7, 2007

she called him

she wanted 2 call him

there wasn't any persuasive reasons..

but she needed it!

so she decided to call him..

doesn't care if it's the right decision or not..

she cought her mobile..

wrote his nomber (bcz, she has deleted it before.. but it doesn't mean she forgot it)..

pressed call..

and then, waited for his answer..

every thing run to her mind in those second

what if he didn't answer!

what if he answered!

how she'll talk?


he answered..

Oh God!

it's the same..

his familiar voice...

his known words..
those words that she always preserved in her mind

(and also in her heart)

he was the same..

and also was she..

her low voice..

her little words..

the smile (that used to have during talking to him) on her face

so, what changed!

the answer was


(alot of things has been changed..)

the call ended..

they didn't talk much.. just 4 a minute or maybe minute and half..

Oh God!

it's so long time since they talked on phone..

when was it?

she don't remember definitely..

but she can got it..

she cought her mobile..

go to the caender.. September..

(she can remember it was a tuesday)

yea, here is it..


how long is it..

she decided to know the nomber of days..

so she'll count them!

say what u want.. crazy, fool..

but she'll do..

she'll count them!




Oh God!

today is


it's also the 5th!

what a fate!

it's exactly 5 monthes...

she tryed 2 remember the last call..

and tryed to remember her feelings there..

she thought she'll never talk to him again..

and here she did!

she thought this day'll never come..

and here is it!

she put her mobile away

and one thing was in her mind..

when'll be the next call??!!!

will it be on another 5th!

or maybe there'll not be any another call!


تسـنيم said...

he answer.. but onther one didn't..
za next call will be but i can't tell u za time de bta3atha hia..
bas ana nfsy enha tkoon kwisa w bas w en el shoo2 y7'ef la2n da hwa sabab el mo3na..
ta2riban ana bahiees ya menna.

shaimaa said...

look ya gmela i think she's really doing gr8..5 months wizout him & then 1 call simply means that she can do it..she can live wizout him & even if she's gonna miss him sometimes..this missing will be missed by the passing of days,months &years...
like tsneem,i think it'll be another call but it's okay &it's not wrong elwrong enk tmn3eha 3n el calls de w da eli hezod el27sas 3nha 2ktr..wish u best of all ya gmeel

moony said...

yahhhh el e7sas dah mab7bhosh>yatraa hatb2a emta el moklma ely gaya>we yataraa howa mestaneha bardo???>tab we leh howa gamed kda leh mabi7awelsh enoh yetsel.khlas nesy .....

esraa said...

emta elmokalma elgaia?
bgad nfsy a3raf emta?

مبرمج حر said...

Ok mony .. take my word, he completely forgot her and the best thing for her is to forget him for ever .. no matter why he forget her, no matter when 'll be the next call since it has no meaning .. and it 'll be a lackluster call with no emotions at all .. in other words men do not need a long time to remember and if they didn't try to remember for a long period then they 'll not try to remember again.

Ta7eate lky ya mony

Dark Shade said...

[b]ok ...

i also have a comment ...

i am sure he wants 2 call her ...

i am sure he never 4got her ..

but he cant ...

i am sure he has his own reasons ... and i think " she " knows that !

any way ... Nice Words Mony ...

u make my heart crying :)

& believe me ... one day you will meet " seed sedo " ...

i am still sure :)

shams said...

moony she shouldn't wait to make another call , if he cares about her he should make that call but if not she should forget all about him , cauz she tries to make him as a friend but he doesn't accept
.. my greeting to ur great writings

الحصان الأسود said...

you should be happy that he answered your call at least, and you can reach him when ever you feel to do so,
my girl stopped answering my calls since last June, since her dad rejected the whole thing on May 28th, i kept on calling her from street phones and sending her sms's till she finally changed her number last October
can you imagin that all what she is doing is for no reason from my side

i miss her deeply in times, i keep on trying to call her number again and again wishing i would heat her voice for one last time ....... but all i hear is "the number you have dialed is not a working number.... please check the number you are calling.........tyt ...tyt.....tyt

sofinqoraso said...

حسيت بيها أوى يا منونة أوى اوى
حسيت بكمية التفكير الغريبة قبل ما تكلمه
حسيت بيها وهى بتتصل وهى مش مدركة هى بتعمل ايه
حسيت بدقات قلبها السريعة مع جرس التليفون
حسيت برعشة ايديها وهى ماسكاه
حسيت بيها لما نسيت الدنيا وقعدت تضحك اول ما سمعت صوته
حسيت بيها بعد ما قفلت معاه وهى تقريباً متبنجة وعمالة تفتكر كل كلمة من المكالمة
حسيت بيها وهى بتفكر فى الكلام وتلاقيه كلام كله عادى جداً
حسيت بزعلها انها ما ختمتش المكالمة زى ما كانت بتختمها كل مرة
حسيت بيها وهى عمالة تفتكر كل مكالمات زمان
حسيت بيها وهى بتلوم نفسها على انها اتصلت وبعدين تقول وايه يعنى

معنديش حاجة اقولها
بس بوست يجنن


look .. she is doing well .. I think there will be another call .. and another call .. then oneday she will wake up 2 find her self forget his number..and she will write a post about how she forgot his number

Mony The Angel said...

don worry..
@ the first..
5 monthes ago..
he didn't answer her :)
but he did that time bcz it's become a different :)
as i said in the post..
alot of things have been changed..
ok tota :)?
so, maybe the other one doesn't answer now...
but i'm sure he'll in some day :)
just hope it'll not be to late there (f)

Mony The Angel said...

sho sho:
la2 mate7sebeesh enha gamda awe kda :D
hma kano bitkalemo bas msh 3alphone :)
tab3an hwa kaan bshakl rarely, bas mate2daresh t2ooly enhom 5 monthes without anything :)
thanks 4 ur sweet words and hope the same thing 2 u (f)
fre7t awe lama shoft commentk :)
3shan esmek moony zaiee :)
wana bafrah awee lama bala2y ay had zaiee hatta law mogarad al esm :)
welcome beeky ya setty w thanks awe 3ala e7sasek algameel :)
hope 2 c u here again

Mony The Angel said...

when she knows, she'll tell u :D
mobarmeg 7or:
i'm so sorry to tell u that u r compeletely wrong :)
the only thing she id sure from..
is, he'll never 4get her..
and also won't she :)
thanks 4 ur comment, and hope to see u here again :)

Mony The Angel said...

dark shade:
welcome here :)
thanks 4 ur nice comment..
i think she knows all what u said :)
and i'm sure she'll never 4get him too..
she'll loves him 4 the rest of her life..
no matter if they r together or not!
she'll always wish the best things ever 2 him..
the best love, the best job, and the best life at all :)
i'm really sorry 4 ur heart's tears :)
and though, i'm doub about the one who u called seed seedo :D
bcz she can't even find 1 like him, so what about seedo, so wahat about seed seedo lol
hope 2 c u here again
thanks again 4 ur sweet words

Mony The Angel said...

who told u that he didn't accept shams :)
thanks 4 ur comment ya gameela
and hope 2 always c u here (f)
the black horse:
i'm sorry about all that..
i'm really sorry about ur girl..
but i'm sure she has some reasons 4 doing that even if we don't know them :)
best regards
ana kaman m3andeesh haga a2olha 3alkalam elly enty katbaah da :)
thanks awe 3al comment :)
i'm afraid this day'll never come..
as she doesn't 4get anything..
what if it's about him :)
thanks ya gameela, w mnawara daiman here ;)

مبرمج حر said...

okay mony, you start the war [ i'm kidding ;) ]

You said these words above
"tab we leh howa gamed kda leh mabi7awelsh enoh yetsel.khlas nesy ....."
If you ask this question then how you make sure that he'll never forget her!!

Mony The Angel said...

i c
moony ally foo2 de msh ana ya maan :D
it's another moony :)
i can understand now :)

مبرمج حر said...

This explain everything and now i see why he'll never forget her for ever ;)

Amr Ahmed said...

very nice bost

as usual

it contains high sense

but ithink by the way thr wil not be next call

with my regards

shams said...

i got the idea of not exchanging calls or see each other for months .. any way good for her

تسـنيم said...

hi hi onther one answered her call today as u wish :)) but nothing changed, her soul, her pain, her bleeding, her wish, but za kind of conversation was difrant was attack.. and i can't promise u as u said to "dark shade" she can't wish za best love or wife for him she will wait for a miracle to get him again wen RABAK LAMA YRIED..
and am sure now about za only reall luv in life zai ma konty bt2oli luv forever and ever after :(( luv she ( my one) lost it by people can't understand or feel it.
my love to u..

zordeak said...

very sensitive

true love

i enjoyed the post

ya rab ys3edha wyerga3o lba3d

hya mosh 2adra tensah

Mony The Angel said...

mobarmeg hor:
thanks 4 ur care :)

very nice comment, as usual :)
bas leh altasha2om da yabny bas :)
who knows what the days r hidding :)

thanks 4 the second comment :)
yea, she didn't call each oher 4 monthes..
but it was some deal with them :)
he respected it, and so she had to do :)
but they still frnds at all :)
mnawara daiman

happy 4 U and 4 me too
that i became such a "makshoof 3anny al7egaab" lol
sure it was a differant that time..
but i'm happy that u took the chance 2 say all what u needed to say.. and all what was inside u :)
another one didn't, or u can say, didn't got the chance to do :)
i dunno what to say..
but i'm hoping the best 2 U..

thanks alot 4 ur sweet words :)
u r totally right..
she not can't 4get him..
she'll never do :)
she doesn't want to do actually :)
hope 2 always c U here

عين ضيقة said...

نا نزلت تعليق قبل كده مش عارفة ليه مش موجود
عموما .. جميلة جدا الحالة اللى انت رسمتيها دى
عارفة طلعت من جوة قوى

سلام ياقمر

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mony The Angel said...

3een daia2a:
wana kaman msh 3arfa leeh msh mawgood :(
sa3at al site bib2a t2eel fa msh bi-publish al comments..
bas thanks enek 3aa2ty taany ya gameela w thanks enek 7aseteeha awe kda :)
hope 2 always c u here

buffy said...

always it willb another call coz her mind dont forget him i guess

nour said...

يا نهار اسود يا مونى
انت كنت معايا و لا ايه؟
و الله العظيم بالضبط الموقف ده حصلى و حياة ربنا
انا حسيت انك بتتكلمى عن نفس الشخص
oh my god
حتى التوارخ بس كان يوم2\2 يا بنتى
بصى انا مش هقول حاجة
انت بتقرى الافكار:))))))))

Feras othman said...

all what i can say from my own experience ... noone can tell the right decision or what to do than you ..yes its your own choice and your own decission

wish you to find the right answer
that will make u feel satisfied

shams said...

well mony , friendship is the best thing ever . i hope every one save it

Mony The Angel said...

thanks 4 ur short comment :)
3la ra3'm osro bas feeh almofeed :)
btfakareeny b "7'air alkalam ma qal w dal" ;)

ya nhaar abiad :D
enty bttkalemy gad ya benty :D
tab kda eshta b2a, eb2y till me the date of the next call ;)
w about eny ba2ra al afkaar, hia eh al7ekaia.. al kelma de kda et2aletly marteen fe esboo3 wa7ed :D
shakly keda hashta3'al sa7era lol

thanks 4 ur words :)
bgad thanks :)

la2 kda kteer 3lia :)
3 commentat fe post wa7ed :)
mnawara bgad, w bafra7 awe lama bala2y comment menek :)
w about the frndship..
who can live without it!

chaos said...

a very romantic blog begad congratulations, i sujest u call without waiting, c u @ my blog

camera_girl said...

mawdooooooo3 to7faaaaa awy bgd realy i met many people like this charcther am sure he'll call again bas 3ala ma maarawaeeeeeeee7 alboooo tet7arak yekon 3adet sana kaman rabena y3eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen yabenty

realy soooo great...i like it manona

هيثم ابوعقرب said...

حبيت اقولك ان انا جيت يا منه والعيا ممنعنيش اني احاول اصطاد كلمتين من الانجليزي المحطم بتاعي

واقولك خدي بالك من نفسك
الدنيا متضمنتش

OMA said...

shadni awi elpost da ya mony..7aset beha fe kol tasarfotaha,,w la5batetha w as2elha lenafsaha,7ast bede7ketha w heya betklmo w lma lamet nafsaha ba3d ma 2aflt w 2alet eh ya3ni elly 7asl..zay ma kolhom 2alo elmokalma hatetkarar...but one day when she want to call him she discovered that she forget his num..ever that day too away !!

3agbni elpost awi w zay mab2olk shadeni w 7aset beh :)

بين الأمل و اليأس said...

so nice words
but i lived the story but.....
waa wa ewaaaaaak
ربنا يسترها

elkamhawi said...

المهم ى كانت معاها رصيد كام ولا خط
بجد حلو قوى بس مش عارف حاسس انها اتبسطت

Sharm said...

wow , so nice

Moody said...

moony u r great!!

Mony The Angel said...

thanks ya chaos 4 ur visiting and 4 ur nice comment..
hope u enjoyed here, and sure u'll find me @ urs..
hope 2 c u here again :)

camira girl:
welcome again ya gameela :)
w i think u really met people like him :)
badaal gebty sreret ykoon 3adset sana de llol
mnawara daiman ;)

Haitham :
7amdell 3alsalama (F)
w msh adra awseflak ad eh ana mabsoota enak geet w 7awelt testaad kaza kelma..
w sorry 3shan radeet met2a7'ar awe kda, bas alderasa reg3et b2a :(

rabena ye7'aleeky ya setty..
w about enha hatetkarar walla la2 fa de 7aa fe 3elm al3'eeb
Allaho a3lam :)
w about forgetting his nomber..
i don't think so..
but who knows, maybe one day she did!
thanks 3al ziara w sorry 3shan et2a7'art fel comment :)

Mony The Angel said...

thanks 3al comment :)
w rabena yestorha fe3lan :)
(bel7a2 hia meen de ally daiman bted3elha kda ;)) lol

wana a2ool al blog mnawar leek atareek hna :)
w ettamen, yes i think ennaha etbasatet :)

welcome here again :)
w thanks 3al comment,
da mn zo2ak bas

u r the great one..